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Is the Raw Food Movement getting Greedy?

There has been a lot of talk lately about how much the raw food movement has changed in regard to product development and consumption. There are tons of raw food snacks and products on the market with visible presence in mainstream establishments such as Starbucks and Whole Foods.

The question is, why are so many of these products so expensive? While I get that many of these companies are using organic ingredients and going through the trouble of dehydrating, sprouting, or germinating, who can afford all of these products?

I noticed yesterday that a variety of dehydrated kale chips are not even organic, yet they are priced at like $9 a bag! Is there a level of greed in the raw food movement, as some have argued?

I recently shopped at Erewhon Natural Market (Los Angeles) and paid over $100 for one bag of groceries! I do enjoy some raw snacks, but was shocked at how much I paid for so little merchandise. Do organic almonds (non-pasteurized) have to be priced at $12 a pound?
I want to open this blog post to you,

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5 Simple Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Fruits and Veggies

You have heard before that we (kids and parents alike) should be eating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables per day. But are your children getting the recommended dosage every day? In our fast-passed society, many kids find it easier to open a bag of chips then take the time to wash off the fruit in the bin of our refrigerator. Don’t be fooled by the snack foods in the heath food store either. The majority of health food snacks are over-processed, containing minimal nutritional value.

How can we motivate our kids to adapt healthy eating habits? Here are some simple strategies that are sure to help. We have successfully implemented these strategies with our four-year old, Eli, and he is doing incredibly well meeting his nutritional needs. After tons of interviews on Raw Vegan Radio, I picked up these ideas along the way and am looking forward to passing them on to you.

1. Blend up a fresh fruit breakfast smoothie every morning. Use your child’s favorite fruits to create a smoothie that is sure to become a breakfast treat. Be sure to use organic ingredients. Be sure to stock your freezer with organic frozen fruit. Use almond milk

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