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270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto

More than 270,000 organic farmers are taking on corporate agriculture giant Monsanto in a lawsuit filed March 30. Led by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, the family farmers are fighting for the right to keep a portion of the world food supply organic—and preemptively protecting themselves from accusations of stealing genetically modified seeds that drift on to their pristine crop fields.

Consumers are powerful. For more than a decade, a cultural shift has seen shoppers renounce the faster-fatter-bigger-cheaper mindset of factory farms, exposéd in the 2008 documentary Food, Inc. From heirloom tomatoes to heritage chickens, we want our food slow, sustainable, and local—healthy for the earth, healthy for animals, and healthy for our bodies.

But with patented seeds infiltrating the environment so fully, organic itself is at risk. Monsanto’s widely used Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola seed has already turned heirloom canola oil into an extinct species. The suing farmers are seeking to prevent similar contamination of organic corn, soybeans, and a host of other crops. What’s more, they’re seeking to prevent Monsanto from accusing them of unlawfully using the very seeds they’re trying to avoid.

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Do we still have Freedom in America?

Our friends at were among the first to report this story.

Rawesome Foods, a private buying club offering wholesome, natural raw milk and raw cheese products (among other wholesome foods) is founded by James Stewart, a pioneer in bringing wholesome raw foods directly to consumers through a buying club. James was followed from his private residence by law enforcement, and when he entered his store, the raid was launched.

Law enforcement demanded that all customers (members) of the store vacate the premises, then they demanded to know how much cash James had at the store. When James explained the amount of cash he had at the store — which is used to purchase product for selling there — agents demanded to know why he had such an amount of cash and where it came from.

James was handcuffed, was never read his rights and was stuffed into an unmarked car. While agents said they would leave behind a warrant, no one has yet had any opportunity to even see if such a warrant exists or if it is a complete warrant. Law enforcement demanded that all customers…

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Episode 0118- RVR- Green Your Sex Life with Stefanie Iris Weiss

Episode 0118- RVR- Green Your Sex Life with Stefanie Iris Weiss

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with Stefanie Iris Weiss on how to Green your sex life.

You’ll Discover:

* The role eating a raw vegan diet plays in your sex life

* Raw foods as an aphrodisiac

* How you can make your sex life eco-friendly and green

* Recommended products to spice up your sex life

STEFANIE IRIS WEISS is the author of nine books on topics ranging from yoga to veganism to the beauty myth. Weiss is a regular contributor to Elle UK and has written for Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and many other publications.

She keeps her carbon footprint small in New York City and is available for interviews.

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Episode 0117- RVR- Manifesting Made Simple with Robert MacPhee

Episode 0117- RVR- Manifesting Made Simple with Robert MacPhee

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with Robert MacPhee, author of “Manifesting for Non Gurus”.

You’ll find out:

* Tools to easily and quickly attract financial abundance, health, and happiness

* How your mental approach to creating change determines the results you get

* Ways to effortlessly improve your diet, increase your income and attract your ideal relationship

* Answers to reaching your dreams in an easy and effortless way

Robert Macphee is the author of the newly released book “Manifesting for Non-Gurus”. Robert’s “Manifesting for Non-Gurus” work also includes teleseminars, live events and individual and group coaching. He has worked closely with Jack Canfield for the past 10 years,

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