About Podcasting

What is Podcasting?

Think of a podcast as a radio show. Each show consists of a series of individual episodes that you can listen to how you want — on your PC, using your MP3 player, or with just a web browser.

If you’ve never listened to podcasts, you’re in for a treat. Sports, comedy, movies, food, politics, music, books, speeches, walking tours, whatever — you name the topic and you’ll find podcasts about it. Not only do you have incredible choice, you can listen whenever and wherever you want. Raw Vegan Radio is one of the many podcasts available for download today.

You can listen to these episodes one at a time (say using your web browser) or you can ’subscribe’ to the entire podcast series using software on your PC. When you subscribe to a podcast, all new shows will be automatically downloaded to your computer as they are published. And if you have an MP3 player, the next time you sync your device, your podcasts will be downloaded for listening on the go.

To automatically receive Raw Vegan Radio “Free” follow these easy steps:

1. Click below to download iTunes:

iTunes 7.1 (For Windows or MAC)

Itunes Logo

2. Start the software you just installed. Click on “Itunes Store” and search “Raw Vegan Radio”

3. Click the “Subscribe” button. Shows will be automatically downloaded to your music directory as they are released.

4. Enjoy Raw Vegan Radio