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Dr. Craig Sommers (Episode 44)

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On today’s show, an exclusive interview with Dr. Craig Sommers, ND. In addition, we are excited to announce Steve’s First Annual New Years Cleanse! E-mail [email protected] for more information. The cleanse will commence on January 2nd, 2008.Dr. Sommers discussed his journey towards a raw food diet, his opinion on “how raw” someone needs to be, and how he is making less of an impact on the environment as he travels across the United States.

Craig Sommers was living the standard American lifestyle, eating the standard American diet (SAD), until the early 1990’s when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and then heart disease. While visiting his mother in the hospital, after one in a series of unsuccessful surgeries, a mysterious stranger entered her hospital room. He handed Mrs. Sommers his business card and suggested that she give him a call if she was interested in learning how to heal herself through diet and lifestyle changes. Neither Craig nor his mother ever heard from that man again, but Craig was so inspired by his suggestion that he began to seek out information on Natural Healing.

Since that day in the hospital, Dr. Sommers has single-mindedly pursued knowledge of holistic healing, nutrition, and lifestyle. He first learned enough to help his mother reverse heart disease and then began to peruse natural health for himself and others. He opened a health food store on Long Island and when that became too stressful, he sold the store and pursued a doctorate in naturopathy.

Dr. Sommers now travels North America giving lectures on how to achieve optimum health and nutrition. He is also a certified nutritionist and the author of Raw Foods Bible, a comprehensive easy to read guide to the optimum diet and lifestyle. Craig’s website is .