Juice Feasting- Day 3

November 28, 2011

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

They say the first 3 days of Juice Feasting is the most difficult. If that is true, I am grateful to have made it through the day. It was definitely not always easy today. I felt like my head was in a cloud for the first part of the day. This was NOT good timing, as I had an important meeting with a pretty large group and not sure how I came off. I felt dizzy at times. Later in the day, my energy returned and I felt really good. Then, to my surprise, I underwent some heavy detoxing. My body released a considerable amount of toxins, and it felt amazing. I am shocked to be detoxing so much so quickly, but it reaffirms my decision to go through this long-term cleanse.

My Juices Today

1. Carrot/ Apple/ Parsley/ Spinach
2. Honeydew
3. Celery, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale (Yay! I am finally able to have a REAL green juice)
4. The Master Cleanse (Lemon, Water, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Nectar)

I drank a total of 1.5 Gallons of Juice today.

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Juice Feasting- Day 2

November 27, 2011

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

I made it through the second day of juice feasting and for the most part, felt great today. My energy was pretty high, and was able to get a lot of work done around the house. The weather was unusually hot today in Southern California, so we took advantage with a walk along Santa Monica Pier. There were moments that were not so easy, especially when walking past restaurants and watching my fiance prepare food for her son. Those are the moments that are hard right now, but I am sure they will get easier as the Feast progresses. I have read that the first 3 days are the hardest, so I am thankful to have gotten this far (which isn’t far at all, compared to how much longer I should keep this up).

Today’s Juices

1. Carrot/ Apple/ Swiss Chard/ Ginger
2. The Master Cleanser (Lemon, Water, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Nectar)
3. Honeydew (SO good)
4. Carrot/ Apple/ Purple Kale/ Parsley
(Also 1 Quart of Coconut Water)

I drank a total of 1 gallon of juice today.

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Day 1- My Juice Feast Begins…

November 26, 2011

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

I have made it through the first day on my Juice Feast. If you are doing this along with me, congratulations! I was going to make a video, but energy has been pretty low throughout the day. I am going to share my experience and diary on this blog. We can begin with what I want to accomplish on this cleanse. Then, I will share some juice recipes from today’s Feast. Last, I will share any symptoms experienced so far (emotional, physical, spiritual).

I have tried a number of cleanses in my life. Herbal Cleanses, Healthforce Nutritional Cleanse, The Master Cleanse, Juice Fasts, Water Fasts…Ejuva. I have pretty much tried them all. This is the first time I am following David Rain’s Juice Feasting Protocol. I have the support of my fiance Julie (at least for the weekend), but then I will most likely be on my own for the remaining 90 days. Yes, you heard me right. The Juice Feast Protocol calls for 92 days of juice. I am excited about attempting this, but nervous I may fail. I will authentically share with you throughout, and hope we inspire each other to keep going.
I haven’t been eating great lately. What I mean is,

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Tips To Prepare for a Juice Feast

November 25, 2011

By Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

I am about to go shopping to prepare for the Juice Feast, which begins tomorrow. If you cannot start tomorrow, start when you can. And join me for as long as you could..2 days, 5 days, a week, a month…the entire time. It’s up to you, and anything you do will be better than nothing. My gratitude to David Rain for providing Raw Vegan Radio with access to his Juice Feasting protocol. I will share David’s tips for shopping and preparing for the Juice Feast on this blog post.

Grocery List in hand, go straight to the produce section and pick up produce for 5 days. Get a big cart, and enjoy suprising yourself at just how much fresh nutrient dense food you are going to access. Many of our students get a real high off buying this much produce! You can tell just by looking at your cart that life is about to shift into something significant and beautiful and abundant.

Have a look at this blog post to see an actual copy of my shopping list, right before I leave for the store. Buy organic and local please. I also include a list of exactly what you should buy and why. It was helpful for me.

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