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February 14, 2010, 01:38:54 AM
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Steve P
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Week One
100% Raw Food  
This is not really a fast since you are still eating food.
But to most people who eat heavy, cooked foods,
this is definitely considered a fast.  Remember:  no
other animal cooks its food before eating it.   This
week includes fresh raw fruits, fruit juices, vegetables
and vegetable juices.  Nuts and Seeds are allowed
this week.  Refer to the attached e-book for recipe
Week Two
100% Raw Food/ No Fats
Same as week one, only NO "protein" type foods
like nuts or seeds included.
Week Three
All Fruit Fast
This week is harmonious with our physiological and
anatomical processes and design.  Grapes should be
the focus, organic if possible.  If not organic, they must
be thoroughly washed as they contain a high level of
pesticides.  However, any fruit or combination of fruits,
or melons will do.  Remember "Eat Melons Alone or
Leave Them Alone".  You could eat grapes alone, or
watermelon, or apples, whatever you like or crave.  Eat
at much as you want.  We don't count calories on this

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