Conscious Foods Summit

Conscious Foods Summit

by Steve Prussack
Co-Producer and host of The Shift Network’s Conscious Foods Summit

I am excited to announce that I am co-producing and co-hosting The Conscious Food Summit in partnership with “THE SHIFT NETWORK” next week! Sign up for FREE here!

You Are What You Eat – On Every Level!

Do you hunger for your healthiest, most vibrant self? The whole you, who could climb mountains, create works of art, start new ventures, and change the world without missing a beat?

When you eat the right foods for your body, state of health and lifestyle, you have more energy and vitality – more get-up-and-go – so you can make the changes you want to see in your life and in the world!

We invite you to join us at the Conscious Foods Summit, a rare weekend virtual event during our Winter of Wellness series.

Each day, leading food and nutrition experts will place before you a virtual feast of the best foods, nutritional methods and ideas for vitalizing your body, mind and spirit.

You are what you eat, and this event will show you how this is true not only for your body, but for every level of your being!
Create a Higher Consciousness with Conscious Nutrition

What does it mean for you – and the world – to eat in a way that creates inner and outer peace, and a higher level of consciousness?

At the Conscious Foods Summit, you will learn about the physical, emotional, mental and – yes, spiritual – benefits of eating healthfully such as raw and super foods, vegetarianism and veganism, eating locally and other ways.
Find out which foods “vibrate” at higher frequencies and those that help optimize your health and wellbeing during this critical moment in human evolution.

Join us and you’ll discover:

Easy-to-follow nutritional programs that can optimize your wellness
The best nutrition for YOUR personality type
Foods that help combat cancer and other diseases and reset your body’s systems
New ways of eating that are in alignment with your spiritual values
The best foods for your body, health state and lifestyle
The latest raw food and super food nutritional programs
Healthy foods that do your body and the planet good!
And more…

Is Good Nutrition Part of Your Transformational Path?

Imagine your mind and spirit are clear and in communion with others and Source, but inside your body is begging for fresh, healthy foods.

Or can you picture a world that is peaceful and just, but whose populations and economies are addicted to the processed foods produced by not-so-conscious companies?

Talk about a disconnect.

Good nutrition is as essential to your journey as is your emotional and spiritual work. And believe it or not, healthy foods will help all of us as we muster the energy, mental clarity and emotional commitment needed to bring about a world shift.

Sign up NOW and Join me for The Conscious Food Summit