Episode 0090- RVR- Reverse Aging with Markus Rothkranz

Episode 0090- RVR- Reverse Aging with Markus Rothkranz

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with charismatic raw food leader Markus Rothkranz.

You’ll discover:

* The keys to a Super Sharp Mind, Memory, Optimistic Mood, and Boundless Energy.

*The Truth about Health and Looking Great.

* How to Turn your Body into a Sculpted Sexy Masterpiece by Summer.

* What the Raw “Gurus” are Afraid to Admit- Exclusive here!

Having healed himself of multiple life-threatening illnesses, Markus Rothkranz is living proof how amazing life can be when we take matters into our own hands. It really works. Markus looks younger at 47 than he did when he was 27. His motion pictures, DVDs and lectures strike a chord in all cultures around the globe. Emails pour in daily as a testimony to how many lives he has touched. It’s all about awakening the planet to a new way of living in body, mind and spirit. The only way to heal the planet is to heal ourselves first, and Markus shows us how to do it naturally, the way nature intended.

The most powerful food and medicine on the planet is free and it’s growing right outside your door and around your neighborhood. Markus Rothkranz explains why wild local foods are a thousand times better than plain organic produce from a supermarket. If you truly want to stay young and never get sick again- EAT YOUR WEEDS! See HealthYourFace Website and HealYourself101.com for more information.



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» Razwell said: { Apr 14, 2011 - 08:04:37 }

You’re a scammer. Genuine science does not speak with such certainty. Genuine science always admits much uncertainty and vast unknowns.

» aurelia said: { Apr 29, 2011 - 05:04:16 }

@Razwell….dont take his word for it….try it and see for yourself….

» Rawvegan said: { Aug 10, 2011 - 10:08:16 }

Scammer @Razwell? That is a bit harsh, don’t you think???

» Janine Laura Bronson said: { Aug 10, 2011 - 07:08:11 }

This is true, and I can testify also, from my own experience, and out of necessity that I’ve been eating weeds, including edible flowers, or their shelled and peeled pea-like pods, such as wild lupins, wild small yellow dates, and even wild spinach and herbs such as wild rosemary (also good as a hair rinse, by the way!) and natural remedies from the wild such as aloe vera, following the advice of Hippocrates possibly stating something to the effect that we might well consider how to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food…” in particular what I have found in abundance is the following: Purslane; lambs quarters; dandelions; periwinkle; and rosemary, and could probably find more, if I were to search harder. It is up to each individual to choose what to consume, to explore what is available and not to rely on preconceived notions but to be open to explore and to see the actual results for themselves! Nature is truly amazing, and I am very grateful and thank G-d for everything. Blessings, Janine.

» John Hoell said: { Aug 11, 2011 - 06:08:49 }

First of all it is easy to call someone a scammer.After all, if it sounds too good to be true,it probably is.Notice that I use the word ‘probably’…Markus has been through very through times when he was a child from a medical perspective (I first met him at age 8).He went to school with my sister.We were close neighbours.I think very highly of his parents Helga and Edmund,even though they moved to the the US a long time ago.These people are as honest as can be.Markus is honest.He does not know the meaning of the word ‘dishonesty’.All he wants to do is make something of his life….by helping other people who are not so fortunate.Markus is a highly intelligent person and he knows how to use his gifted mind.
My wife started..and continues to eat raw vegetables and makes her own juices rather then buy the poison garbage that the supermarkets want to peddle to the unsuspecting.She feels a lot better,has more energy has lost approximately 35 lbs…the safe way (slowly and proper diet).I,myself tried this a while back and discovered after eating a spinach salad with healthy ingredients,that I had so much energy…I was able to walk for miles without tiring out.Now,having said this I tried going back to ‘regular’ junk food and the difference is indescribable.My wife is 60 and I just turned 58.Don’t take my word for it people…go out and try it for yourself…you will be convinced.The key here is that you have to make an honest effort and not just 1 or 2 days and then give up.Then you are doomed for failure.

» Spartan Training said: { Aug 14, 2011 - 06:08:11 }

i am reminded of the young man in alaska who was stranded and strarving to death, so he ate some type of weeds that he had dug up under the snow and ice…turned out to be posion…deadly posion…be carful what you put in your mouth…your stomach may not agree…

» jo said: { Apr 21, 2012 - 03:04:19 }

thanx marku and steve…inspirational

» Naomi said: { Jun 13, 2012 - 05:06:09 }

He’s NOT a scammer.
You obviously haven’t tried following this diet.
The proof is in the pudding just try eating raw and in just a few DAYS you will feel a huge difference.
I conquered cancer naturally without chemo or radiotherapy eating a raw vegan diet and that was before I ever heard of Marcus.

» Nancy Houseman said: { Jul 18, 2012 - 11:07:27 }

Markus, pleaase answer my questions. I fixed up the tea you gave a receipe for my brain (I had a brain aneurusm)
and what can help me. My memory is the worst. The receipe you gave me is great, thank you.

» Debbie said: { Aug 5, 2012 - 11:08:32 }

How easy it is for the non believers to throw stones and follow the herds of naysayers…..
Markus, I found you through Earth Shift and Dr. Cassar’s lectures. Thank you for being “Real” I am just beginning to follow your information and it is so obvious that you are out to help as many people as you can. Love your character and all the energy you are putting into the cause. Good for you !!! I really hope to be able to afford your dvds at some point. They look like just what I need. Thank you for your wonderful spirit. Thank you for being you…Thank you for being. Oh and Happy belated 50th!

» javid said: { Dec 6, 2012 - 06:12:07 }

i am a friutarian . i be glad when i find a veganism or a friutarian.i am from iran.

» Debbie said: { Dec 6, 2012 - 11:12:42 }

Poof IS in the pudding! Now 4 months after my last post here, still RAW and still grateful to have found Markus! I’ve lost 74 pounds to date, healed leg ulcers that the wound center couldn’t heal in over a year’s worth of visits & were worsening, gone off of all meds (Vicodin was 10mg every 4hours, Gabapentin 2700mg/day for nerve pain, 50mg Lisinopril for Hypertension since 1984) No more drugs PERIOD!!! And the nerve pain that had me almost in a wheel chair is gone. I walk 1-2 miles a day, and do other exercise. This is all since June on a RAW food diet and learning from Markus about eating the free, healthier food outdoors. Thank you Markus for being part of my journey to better health!