Episode 0091- RVR-The Truth about Fitness with Nature’s Fitness Model Sherif Kamal

Episode 0091- RVR-The Truth about Fitness with Nature’s Fitness Model Sherif Kamal

Sherif Kamal has many titles; Health Consultant, Fitness Coach, Fitness Model Competitor, and raw foodist! Find out how this raw food athlete changed his outlook on nutrition and how you could get into the best shape of your life! You can learn more about Sherif at www.naturesfitnessmodel.com.

You’ll discover:

** The Truth behind the Fitness Industry and how they promote abuse of the body.

** How to choose healthy and natural protein supplementation versus toxic powders.

** The difference between real muscle as opposed to shaped muscle.

** How to Connect with nature while getting Fit!

Nature’s Fitness Model Sherif Kamal is a Raw Food Consultant , Mental Fitness Coach, Researcher, Student of Nature,Committed Raw Vegan Athlete, SunWarrior Ambassador and Fitness Model Competitor.

From the desk of Sherif Kamal:

Like most fitness athletes I grew up trying all the diets and whey protein supplements that you see on the shelves of your local gym. I also learned all the basic programs that go with them that are suppose to build your muscles in 90 days. I thought at the time that in order to get in shape and get ripped that I should work out and do what everyone around me was doing. I also worked and was advised by every trainer to eat pretty much what everyone around me was eating. Guess what? Years went by and as I got older I started getting more or less the same results that everyone else was getting NONE!

I can tell you that by the time I reached my late twenties my training began to become less effective and I started to lose my shape.I gained 33 pounds of waste and my body felt and looked worn out. My first assumption was my metabolism was slowing down. Genetically I always had a very cut physique and I growing up I was extremely active in sports and fitness. I compete amateur boxer and did martial arts for years. But for some reason my genetics wasn’t helping me enough anymore. I noticed my energy levels getting lower and my day to day stress getting higher. I also started walking around with a tire around my waste. This was not the body and state of health I was comfortable with.

At that point it occurred to me that I needed to start questioning my lifestyle and the way I was living my life. In 2007 after graduating as an engineer I went and got certified as a personal trainer. I attempted to learn more about the body and training to whip myself back into shape. I even increased the level of my training, but nothing really changed for me. So I decided to start studying the science behind all the theories of training and nutrition. All my life I had a fascination with nature and its perfection. I focused my research on a natural health approach and tried to fuse it with all the mainstream theories behind bodybuilding, synthetic supplements and nutrition. I started learning about human longevity, anatomy, vegetarianism, power fasting, herbalism, and Raw Food diets. I did this while experimenting with my body and my training. I realized from my studies how much waste I was accumulating in my body and how that was directly affecting all the hard work I was putting in the gym. From all the healthy lifestyle that I studied I found raw food making the most sense.

The first benefit I noticed after cleansing my body slowly and eating more complete raw foods was my energy increased dramatically. I also noticed my mental focus, strength and recovery time all improving. I started to realize that the strategies I was implementing were working. By incorporating raw foods I started looking better and feeling better from within. I also realized how destructive the approach I used to follow at the gym was for building muscle. If you’re too busy trying to build muscles then there is a good chance you will over look the fact that a lot of those synthetic products destroy the liver, intestines, heart and bones in your body. Becoming Raw and the lifestyle that goes with it is a completely different world free from all the scams and get fit quick schemes. Ultimately it gave me control over what I put in my body and made me feel a lot more balanced mentally and physically.

A holistic approach to getting healthy helps you connect more with your body and how it works. After all my studies and road to becoming raw I have developed an approach that will help optimize the way you build your body. I have created The Body Temple to help you incorporate intense focused weight training strategies with a raw food lifestyle.



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» drew mccall burke said: { May 6, 2011 - 05:05:29 }

Excellent! Love your truthful quest for the potential in fitness and nutrition! Raw food as led me to so many self discoveries, mental, physical and spiritual. Well done Sherif and great interview Steve!

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Your style is unique compared to other folks I have read
stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.