Episode 0107 -RVR- Raw Food Transformation with Marcus Patrick

Episode 0107 -RVR- Raw Food Transformation with Marcus Patrick

On today’s super-extended show, we feature two extraordinary interviews. First, you’ll hear from actor and philosopher Marcus Patrick. Next, we feature an interview with Brian Yonce, who literally saved his life eating raw foods less than a year ago!

You’ll Discover:

*  The truth about societal control and how to break free of mind-control

*  The most natural lifestyle and how to start living instead of stressing

*  What’s going on in the raw food movement? Do you really need to eat ants as some have said?

*  The darker sides of being rich and why happiness does not come from money

Marcus Patrick is an Actor, Model, Martial Artist, TV Soap Star, Humanitarian and Raw Vegan Advocate. His story is transforming. Marcus has appeared in such American television series as “My Wife & Kids”, “CSI: Miami” and “All My Children”. Find out more about Marcus Patrick on his webite at organiclifeandfitness.com

In our second interview, we feature an exclusive interview with Brian Yonce. Brian is a health crusader who has dropped over one hundred pounds and saved his life following a raw food diet. You won’t want to miss his story!