Episode 0112- RVR- Keys To A Great Body with Mary Luciano

Episode 0112- RVR- Keys To A Great Body with Mary Luciano

Get in the best shape of your life! On this show, our exclusive interview with Raw Food Trainer Mary Luciano reveals:

* How you can achieve the body you always dreamed of on a raw vegan diet in less than a year

* What you should be eating on a daily basis, including sample menu planning (Quick and Simple)

* What is the best exercise routine for looking your best this summer in that bikini or swimsuit

* How you can literally thrive when following a raw vegan and living foods diet

Mary Luciano is a raw vegan fitness trainer and health and fitness expert. Mary’s story and experiences have astounded fellow competitors, models, and individuals even in the raw vegan community.

Along with being featured in Healing Our World, Hippocrates’ Health Institute International Magazine, and following a nearly completely raw food program Mary placed 3rd in her very first fitness bikini competition in 2008. Within 1 year she was able to catapult herself to the top of the Figure ranks with a 5th place finish at the Ontario Provincials qualifying herself to become a National Level Figure Competitor!

A raw vegan and fitness trainer as well as speaker, Mary has been involved in the fitness and health fields for over 20 years. After years of researching nutrition, fitness and natural health, and attempting to also overcome an autoimmune disorder she discovered the raw vegan ‘way of eating’ in 2002. This has also led Mary to offering new training programs for both those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle through to high level competitors and athletes who wish to follow a raw vegan regime in a way that is effective, healthy, and suitable.

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Get in the best shape of your life today!



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» Dimitri Snowden said: { May 6, 2011 - 08:05:07 }

Kudos to you Mary for your perseverance and wisdom! Thanks for sharing, and as always, thanks for hosting Steve! Time to get busy, and I’ve been doing very well with my daily, raw routine!

-Dimitri Snowden