Episode 0113- RVR- Are You Eating Genetically-Modified Raw Foods?

Episode 0113- RVR- Are You Eating Genetically-Modified Raw Foods?

On today's show, sponsored by Worldfest 2011 (http://www.worldfest.events.com), we feature an exclusive interview with Rhio on the latest information about genetically-engineered food. If you think you know about GMOs and what is being done to the food supply, think again. This interview will show you:

* How to protect yourself from GMOs

* Why you need to educate your friends and loved ones about GMOs to help put an end to the manipulation of our food supply

* Which raw foods they are tampering with and how organic doesn't mean your food is safe

* The truth about GMOs according to research the government does not want you to know

Rhio is a singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues. Her best-selling book Hooked on Raw is about living a life more closely aligned with Nature by adopting a raw/live food lifestyle. The 358-page book covers many of the reasons for making these healthy lifestyle changes, as well as more than 350 raw recipes in all categories. CNN and American Journal aired stories on raw foods featuring Rhio. She is considered an expert in the area of raw and living foods and lectures on both the raw/live food lifestyle and the genetic engineering of seeds/plants. Rhio hosts an internet radio show called Hooked on Raw which can be heard worldwide at: www.RawEnergyRadio.com Rhio’s Raw Energy website: www.rawfoodinfo.com also provides extensive information on the raw/live food lifestyle, as well as organic agriculture, environmental, human rights, civil rights, globalization and economic justice issues.

More than ten years ago the consumers of Europe eliminated GMO foods from being sold. There was no government ban. People quit buying the anything genetically modified so there was no profit. Instead they lost money. Why do the people in Europe believe Genetically Modified food to have such major negative health consequences? If these substances are that bad, why does the US still allow them? Become empowered, educate those you love, and become an advocate for the right thing. Protect our food supply. This show gives you the tools...what do YOU think?