Episode 0115-RVR- Make Your Own Healthy Raw Vegan Food with Bo Rinaldi

Episode 0115-RVR- Make Your Own Healthy Raw Vegan Food with Bo Rinaldi

Today, we feature an exclusive interview with raw vegan and vegan entrepreneur/ author Bo Rinaldi.

You’ll Discover:

* How to get in touch with your intuition and be in alignment with your true life’s purpose

* Incredible life-changing tips passed on from John Lennon’s doctor

*  3 foods you should be eating most of the time (which will lead to optimal health)

* Simple methods for preparing the healthiest raw vegan and vegan dishes (you’ll never have to eat out again!)

* What you need to know to never be sick again (Bo hasn’t been sick in over 35 years!)

* Why 100% plant based is essential with the balance and vibrancy of the raw food diet as the quintessence of this manifestation

Bo Rinaldi has over 30 years of Innovation in Food and Technology as a CEO, leader and visionary. A best-selling author of cookbooks such as Vegan Fusion and The Idiot’s Guide To Eating Raw, Bo has combined decades of passion and enthusiasm in helping guide everyone he meets to understand the Ancient Laws of a plant based lifestyle. As an entrepreneur his companies and initiatives can be viewed on-line at his various websites. Bo has been a vegan since 1960 and has managed, partnered or owned many companies in the organic movement, most notably now the Blossoming Lotus, Vegan Fusion and Real Power Foods. A chef and entrepreneur, Bo gladly shares his knowledge, creative energy and experience to the innovative projects and outreach he is a part of globally. Bo is a sought after consultant in the natural foods and technology arenas where transformation, innovation and a sustainable business model are key factors to success. Bo is available to speak, interview and present and is easily reached at [email protected]


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» JenniferA said: { Oct 5, 2011 - 05:10:40 }

This is a great interview, one of my favs. I would love to get more information on how to find my core foods!