Episode 0122- RVR- Preparing for 2012 with Nick Good and Michael Mackintosh

On our Thanksgiving special, we feature an exclusive interview with Nick Good and Michael MacKintosh.

You’ll Discover:

* How to prepare for 2012 and beyond

* How the Occupy Wall Street and All Streets Movement can affect radical shifts and positive change

* What it means to step into your “Superhero” and evolve in this lifetime

* The secrets to success and living a life of pure purpose, integrity, and abundance

About Nick Good: Author and life coach Nick Good has more than 20 years international travel working as personal trainer, motivator and masseur to professional sports persons, including several world record holders, national and world champions. Previously competitive in rugby union, football, amateur boxing, Thai boxing, surf boat rowing, basketball and triathlon. Nick also surfs and is one of the few men in England to have body-boarded the famous Waimea Bay shore break on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. A former New Zealand Surf Life guard Nick practices Angel Qi Gong, Jiu Jiu Shen Gong and Raja Yoga meditation.

Always interested in personal development, Nick overcame a difficult childhood to accomplish many things all over the world. Diagnosed with cancer in the 90s, Nick saw his father and younger brother both die of same disease. His combination of zest for life, deep wisdom and experience qualify him as an authentic guide on the path of holistic wellness. Nick was also a top international model and has sparred with some of the world’s best (of their era) professional and amateur boxers. Author of: Soulsurfing: Adventures in Destiny The Beautiful Mystery and Magic of Love The Rainbow Whispers Cancer: The Natural Answer Amazing Grace

About Michael Mackintosh: A profound interest in the sheer wonder of life since a young age has inspired Michael Mackintosh to pursue a life he calls, living in Magic. This involves a deep understanding and appreciation of life as an interconnected whole, where everything from eating raw chocolate to regular dance breaks become an intricate part of enjoying and increasing the magic of life. Having spent the last 10 years studying fine art, design, meditation, philosophy, health & well being among other things, Michael has now moved to Hawaii, to fully integrate all the magic from Beyond into pure beingness and live the fullest, most blissful life ever…and share this with others.

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