Episode 0128- RVR- The Fruitarian Diet Work with Michael Arnstein

Episode 0128- RVR-  The Fruitarian Diet Work with Michael Arnstein

On today’s show, Billy Hulting from WorldFest 2012 drops by for an update about this year’s event. In addition, we feature an exclusive interview on The Fruitarian Diet with Michael Arnstein.

You’ll Discover:
* The difference between Vegetarian, Raw, and following a primarily Fruit-based Diet
* Keys to Balancing your Diet and Lifestyle with your Business and Family Life
* Can you really survive and thrive on a fruitarian diet?
* Updates on Not-To-Be-Missed Raw-Friendly Summer Festivals

Michael Arnstein (aka ‘The Fruitarian’ www.TheFruitarian.com) has been following a low fat raw vegan (fruitarian diet) since January 2008.

Michael is an accomplished competitive runner in a wide range of distances ranging from the mile to the 100 mile distances and beyond.
Michael runs a successful business while co-parenting to raise 3 children.  He is passionate about sharing insights on athletics, social issues and more while eating a fruitarian diet.
Michael is the owner of The Natural Sapphire Company.

Michael Arnstein founded a non profit organization in 2010 to promote the health benefits of a fruit based diet.
He is a founder of The Woodstock Fruit Festival.

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» Laurel Meskimen said: { May 13, 2012 - 03:05:08 }

Fantastic interview! I HAVE to get a copy of 80/10/10! Thanks!

- Laurel

» Chris Beauchamp said: { May 13, 2012 - 03:05:43 }

Wow Steve, Fantastic interview!!!
I’m not a fan of Doug Graham. . .but this interview with Michael was fantastic. . . truly fantastic. .
A thousand thanks,

» Victoria Arnstein said: { May 16, 2012 - 03:05:33 }

I thought it was a very good interview…Thanks for spreading a great message to the world..the world could really use it right about now. Keep on trekking!

» cottage cheese diet kit said: { Sep 17, 2012 - 08:09:44 }

Interesting. Keep it up.