Episode 0037- RVR-Way Of The Raw Food Warrior with Viktoras Kulvinskas

Author of “Survival in the 21st Century” and the Father of the Raw Food Movement Viktoras Kulvinskas Reveals:

  • living foods diet as the key to preserving youthfulness, reversing the aging process and extending the life-span
  • wheatgrass therapy and water fasts for rejuvenation, healing from chronic ailments, purification, and heightened awareness
  • Dr. Ann Wigmore’s keys to longevity not many people are following
  • autism and raw foods: is there a cure?

Viktoras Kulvinskas this cutting-edge researcher, raw food pioneer, author of the health classic Survival Into The 21st Century, among several other bestsellers (more than a million Viktoras books have sold worldwide!), an illuminating authority on raw foods for forty years, founder of Hippocrates Health Institute with Ann Wigmore in the late 1960′s.

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