Juice Feasting- Day 14

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

Every day is different on the Juice Feast, and this one had its ups and downs.  While most of the day was met with euphoria and energy unlike before, the evening was some of the most severe detoxing since I began this program.  It was extremely difficult and my stomach is still in pain.  I wonder what is being stirred up and released.  It takes a lot of energy to have this level of deep cleansing and I am completely exhausted.  Here were the juices…

Juices of the Day

1.  Cucumber/ Celery/ Parsley/ Kale
2.  Pineapple/ Strawberry/ Ginger
3.  Honeydew
4.  Celery/ Spinach/ Kale/ Cucumber
Snack:  16 ounces of Raw Lemonade (Lemon, Water, Agave Nectar, Ginger)
Vitamineral Green Drink from HealthForce Nutritionals

I drank 1 Gallon of Juice today.

Weight Loss

I remain at 173 lbs for the second today, for a total weight loss of 9 lbs since beginning the Juice Feast.   (starting weight was 182.4).


I experienced a high state of euphoria for the majority of the day.  The cravings from yesterday were completely gone.  I am not sure what triggered the euphoric feelings, but it was really incredible.  It was a feeling of being high, peaceful, and filled with joy.  However, the tide turned and I experienced some severe symptoms like unlike before.

The Storm

The evening met with detoxification.  The timing couldn’t be worse, because Julie and I went to a movie (The Muppets-  We needed a light-hearted fun movie and this couldn’t have been more perfect.  If you grew up when The Muppets were popular, you will LOVE this movie.  It is definitely not just for children.  It’s a sweet and loving film.)

I had to leave the movie for a while and try to relax my stomach.  It was pretty terrible.  I am cleansing on a deep level now, there is no doubt.  I think my body is stirring up and letting go of another level of toxins that have been built up for a long time.

The interesting part of today is how great I felt early on, sort of like the calm before the storm.  I have been thinking of taking more supplements in the upcoming days to really deepen the cleanse.  I figured since I am going for 30 days, I want to get the best out of this opportunity.  I know it won’t be easy, but after tonight, I am prepared to take this to another level (seems this is what my body needs now).

While I am drained and exhausted, I am glad I didn’t neglect to post my current status.  I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, so stay tuned.