Juice Feasting- Day 3

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

They say the first 3 days of Juice Feasting is the most difficult.  If that is true, I am grateful to have made it through the day.  It was definitely not always easy though.  I felt like my head was in a cloud for the first part of the day.  This was NOT good timing, as I had an important meeting with a pretty large group and not sure how I came off.  I felt dizzy at times.  Later in the day, my energy returned and I felt really good.  Then, to my surprise, I underwent some heavy detoxing.  My body released a considerable amount of toxins, and it felt amazing.  I am shocked to be detoxing so much so quickly, but it reaffirms my decision to go through this long-term cleanse.  I actually had to pause from writing this blog post to detox some more.  Not fun…but better out than in.

My Juices Today

1.  Carrot/ Apple/ Parsley/ Spinach
2.  Honeydew
3.  Celery, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale (Yay! I am finally able to have a REAL green juice)
4.  The Master Cleanse (Lemon, Water, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Nectar)
1/2 Quart Coconut Water

I drank a total of 1.5 Gallons of Juice today.

Weight Loss

I have lost 3.4 pounds on this cleanse so far. I now weight 179, down from initial weight of 182.4.

Random Thoughts

All in all, I am happy with the progress on this cleanse.  I try not to think ahead about how long I will be doing this, and find it easier to take it day by day.  I have been thoroughly enjoying David Rain’s Juice Feasting website at http://www.juicefeasting.com.  There are daily videos and other inspirations to keep motivated throughout the cleanse.  I play the videos while I am making my juices in the morning.  I have to say, making the juices takes a considerable amount of time.  I make the juices for me and Julie, so that may be why it’s taking so long.  Julie joins me for some of the prep and juices when she can, which helps a lot.  Julie has decided to break the cleanse tomorrow, so I’ll be continuing on my own.  It takes me about 3 hours to juice for the entire day at this point.  I am sure when I am making juice just for me, it will be much less.  I’ll let you know.

Other challenges today:  Julie was making a vegan hot dog for her son and it smelled really good.  I needed to distract myself, so had a coconut during this time.  Since my body is getting everything it needs, it really becomes a psychological challenge to stay motivated.  I start to think about wanting solid foods, but it passes.  Also, the idea of snacking has become difficult.  I would often have a snack at certain times of the day, and now I feel a little empty during those times.

A long road ahead….but I am hoping the cravings for solid food is gone for now.



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» Pamela said: { Nov 29, 2011 - 04:11:57 }

Congratulations Steve!

You made it to day 3.

Great idea to blog about your experience. I’ve been thinking about doing a running blog of my experience when I go to
Chef Training at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. I imagine it’s a great way to document, look back and let other people know your experience.

Keep going Steve, feel the support all around you.

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