Juice Feasting- Day 6

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

What a difference a day makes.  It seems like each day brings new rewards and challenges.  I experienced some more detoxification, weight loss, increased energy, cravings, and new perspectives.  I’ll touch on all of this in today’s post, but first, let’s get to juices I consumed during the day.

Juices of the Day

1.  Celery/ Apple/ Dandelion Greens/ Spinach
2.  Pineapple/ Purple Grapes/ Ginger
3.  Grapefruit/ Orange/ Lemon (Never again….I really didn’t like that juice at all and was thankful just to get it down)
4.  Carrot/ Apple/ Dandelion Greens/ Celery/ Spinach
Snack:  2 Coconuts

I consumed 1 Gallon of Juice today.

Good Morning, Now Take This!

I woke up with some major detox.  I don’t want to get to graphic, because I know it will disgust some people.  So I will talk about this as gently as I could, hopefully without grossing you out.  When I went to the bathroom, it actually burned coming out.  This leads me to believe my body released some serious toxic waste material.  While it was painful, I am relieved to have gotten rid of whatever it was!  This wasn’t a great way to start the day, but I was thankful for such deep cleansing.

Exercise Again…

I was happy to make it back to the gym today.  I worked my legs and abdominal muscles.  The routine was very gentle, and it felt great to start working out again.  This was the 2nd gym day in the 6 days on the Juice Feast.  I plan to stick with it, as I am motivated to make this part of my Feast.  I had a bottle of green juice with me to sip in between sets, so that was really nice (I’m sure the other guys in the gym wondered what the heck I was drinking—-some new Creatine or Protein Powder, perhaps?).

Cravings Are Not Easy

This evening was tough.  I knew that Julie and her son were eating a nice meal together at Native Foods, and I was imaging what it would be like to bite into their Ensalada Azteca salad.  The thought of their mango vinegarette dressing with the avacodos on top of the romaine lettuce was getting to be too much.  I just tuned in and focused on the feeling of wanting to eat…and to connect with my family.  I felt the emptiness inside my body.  Really, it was interesting after a while.  It became like watching clouds roll by in the sky.  Just tuned in, observing…checking it out.  Eventually, it went away completely (thanks to those two coconuts I had in the refrigerator).

I started thinking about our emotional and cultural attachments to food.  When you stop eating, you really become more isolated.  There is such a strong bonding that comes with joining our loved ones and friends during a meal.  And I am not able to participate in that for now.  I felt bad about it for a while, but realized I am making this choice so I can improve physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  I know it will be worth it, but for the time being, it was really hard today.

Weight Loss

The good news is, today I weighed 176.4.  I have lost 6 pounds in 6 days (starting weight was 182.4).

I LOVED this movie!

You really have to see Joe Cross’ movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”.  I watched it for the second time last evening, and it’s incredibly inspiring.  Joe went on a complete juice diet (similar to a Juice Feast) for 60 days.  His results were astonishing, and he inspired people throughout his journey across America.  The movie is really interesting, because Joe is a typical Australian guy who decided to turn his life around.  He was tired of being sick, fat, and unhealthy.  He was able to get off his medication, reversed his health, and lost massive amounts of weight.  This movie will inspire anyone, and really appeals to the mainstream audience.  I love the underlying message that you can reverse most ailments (obesity, disease, mental disorders, etc.) by simply consuming raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices.  You can see more about the movie on Joe’s website here:
Check out “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”

I am looking forward to finishing day 7, my first week on the Juice Feast. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.