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Green for Life Book Review

Reviewed by: Rob Murphy

If you are considering joining the Raw-volution and want to become 100% Raw or you just want to upgrade your diet to incorporate more raw foods, then Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life is the book for you. Victoria and her family are a marvelous example of the health benefits of a 100% Raw diet, but after seven years of being Raw, they realized that something was still missing from their diet. Strange cravings for cooked food, weight problems, and dental and health issues started to surface. Having no desire to return to cooked food and the health problems that lifestyle entails, Victoria began exhaustive research to find some answers to their dilemma. She talked to many leaders in the Raw Movement who admitted to similar problems in their journeys, but found no apparent remedy.

Her epiphany came after watching chimpanzees eat. The chimpanzees were wrapping their fruit in greens before eating them. She discovered that these close relatives of humans (their DNA is 99+% of that of humans) ate a tremendous amount of greens—approximately 300 grams of fiber/day. Research showed that chimpanzees eat over 100 types of greens, whereas our supermarkets only carry a few different types. It turns out that they get much of their nutrients and amino acids from this huge variety of greens. Since our DNA is such a close match, why do chimpanzees show a far greater resistance to cancer, AIDS, and a host of other illnesses that plague humans?

Her studies in nutrition showed that though the recommended RDA for fiber is 20 to 30 grams, the average American consumes less than 15. Her family ate very few greens and generally avoided them when they could. Early experiments at consuming greater amounts of greens caused nausea and other problems. This was due to their digestive system not being used to breaking down that amount of fiber.

Through trial and error, Victoria came up with the idea of the “green smoothie,” an efficient, fun and delicious way of consuming our daily green requirements. With the green smoothie, her family’s problems once again disappeared—Igor’s, her husband, graying beard returned to its natural color.

I have been 100% Raw for almost 6 months now, and I have been doing a liter to a liter-and-a-half per day of green smoothies for three months. I even did a 7-day cleanse on nothing but green smoothies. I am glad that I found her book early on my journey to being Raw.

One small note before you start making green smoothies on a daily basis, you will need a really good, high-speed blender, preferably a Vita-Mix or BlendTec 3hp blender. Personally, after burning out a $100 Cuisinart after only 1-1/2 months, I took the plunge and made an investment in the Vita-Prep 3 from Vita-Mix. Suffice it to say, it is worth every penny.

Green for Life documents Victoria’s research efforts and illustrates her findings with charts, illustrations, and expert citations. It also contains a study that she conducted with a physician and a group of patients who consumed two quarts of green smoothie per day, and their resulting testimonials. And if you want recipes, Green for Life provides you with more than enough sweet and savory recipes to get you going on the right track as you join the Raw-volution.

For more information on Victoria Boutenko and her family’s story, you contact her at [email protected] or visit her Web site, www.rawfamily.com.

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