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Raw Food Summit TWO!

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FREE Access to These Incredible Living Food and Health Experts…Register Now and the Summit will start on Thursday, November 15th 2007 at 8pm EST

Discover the SECRETS these World Renowned Experts
use to rejuvenate their Mind, Body, Soul,

And Business! All from the comfort of your Living Room!

“There is a connection between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives. Raw Summit 2 brings together a new set of highly respected mind, body, spirit and business experts to share with you their unique insight into the world of raw food and why it’s important to our health, our economy, our world.”

Sandra Hodge and Mark Perlmutter
Raw Food World Summit 2

In just a few moments, you’ll find out
how you can access the wealth of knowledge
of these world renowned living food experts, authors and entreprenerurs

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: Spirtual Expert
Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center Is it possible to have a pure body, but a tainted mind?In this program, Rev. Michael discusses ways to transform your mind and soul into purity of thought and action.

Drs. Brian & Anna Maria Clement: Living & Raw Food Health Experts
Directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute Drs. Clement reveal their approach to the mind, body and spirit connection to help a person regain their health, wholeness and vitality.

Karen Knowler: Living Foods Transition Expert
Author of “Raw Food for Beginners”
The most sought after living foods expert in the UK today reveals her “whole person” strategy for transitioning clients into living food and the real reason a veteran raw foodist “falls off the wagon.”

Rod Rotondi: The Business of Eating Totally Green
Founder of “Leaf Cuisine” restaurants
A former business development economist with the United Nations, Rod is now a world renowned Raw Food Chef and Entrepreneur who generously shares his recipes and tips for operating a totally Green business.

Annie Padden Jubb: Detoxification and Body Cleansing Expert
Author: “Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology”
An orginator of LifeFood nutrition, Annie reveals how she combines tissue cleansing with a psycho-somatic understanding of the mind/body connection and the active role raw food plays.

Sergei Boutenko: “Free” Living Foods
Chef and Author of “Eating Without Heating”
After successfully combating juvenile diabetes 15 years ago through a raw diet, Sergei shares his wisdom regarding helping children kick the junk food habit. And as the owner of Harmony Hikes, he will also offer tips for finding fresh, local and better than organic wild foods for Free!

Matthew & Terces Engelhart: The “Business” of Gratitude
Founders of Cafe Gratitude
The Engelharts have transformed the feeling of Gratitude into an extremely successful business and a thriving community for raw and non-raw clientele. Thankfully, they’re sharing their tips on Sacred Commerce with us all!

Cori Brackett: Filmmaker and Health Advocate
Creator of “Sweet Misery” and its sequel “Sweet Remedy”
With current measures of food safety instituted by the government failing us, Cori talks about the government corporate connection and ways concerned citizens can keep from falling victim to food chemical poisoning.

Tim VanOrden: 100% Raw Vegan Athlete and 40 yr. old Olympic Hopeful
Founder of RunningRaw.com
Tim talks about the impact his making the Olympic team as a 40 year old 100% Raw Vegan could have on the way athletes are trained and the diet of the kids who use them for role models.

Mike Nash: Reaching Raw Perfection through Aggressive Health
Author of “Aggressive Health”
The UK based, Mike Nash uses his combined expertise in the health, fitness and hypnosis industries to help his clients reach their optimal performance as well as overcome chronic conditions.

Debbie Merrill: Raw-motion and Motivation
Founder of Skate Great USA School of Skating
“Breakdowns are Breakthroughs!” Debbie Merrill is a world-renowned health educator and former Silver Medal level figure skater. A Vegetarian for over 25 years and raw foodist for 13 years, Debbie’s instruction, motivation and insight give you a health-filled make-over from the inside out.

Ani Phyo: Raw and Green Living on the Go
Author of “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Easy Delectable Living Foods”
Being Raw while traveling can be difficult. Ani’s green living tips and awesome recipes will help keep you moving and healthy.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Superior Health & Your Ideal Weight Expert, Author of “Eat To Live”
Listen as a highly respected member of the traditional medical community talks about the politics of health and our ability to improve our health NATURALLY. No more relying on drugs, surgery or fad diets.

Robert O. Young, D.Sc., Ph.D.
pH Miracle Living Expert, Author of “The pH Miracle” and “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss”
Can an alkaline body really combat cancer, HIV/AIDS and protect you from the possibility of a heart attack or stroke? Learn some of the disease fighting secrets of Dr. Young’s New Biology principle.

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