Power Juice Feast- Day 17

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

Today was my 17th day consuming fresh organic raw vegetable and fruit juice.  It was my first day incorporating HealthForce’s Healing Cleanse (Level 2/ 3 combo) into the program.  The HealthForce Cleanse lasts 7 days, at which time I will end this healing journey (until my next one).  I have lost 10 pounds so far, and we’ll see how I am doing at the end of this week.  The idea of adding the HealthForce supplements was great, as I am feeling my body go deeper into healing.  I had a busy day at work, but was able to complete my workload with mild difficulty.  There were times I really felt I needed a break to just relax, but my schedule did not permit.  Here’s what I drank:

Juices of the Day

1.  Cucumber/ Celery/ Spinach/ Cilantro
2.  Pineapple/ Red Grapes/ Ginger/ Coconut Water (Must try…amazing!)
3.  Apple/ Carrot/ Pear
4.  Celery/ Cucumber/ Lettuce/ Mint/ Zucchini (Not recommended.  Tough to drink this one)

I drank 1 Gallon of Juice today.  I followed the protocol for day one of HealthForce’s Healing Cleanse Level 2 with elements of Level 3 as well (Added Internal Parasite Formula and ZeoForce).

Weight Loss

I continue to weigh 172, 10 lbs less than when I started this journey.


I remain high energy, with a better prospective/ insight into my body.  My intuition is more in tune than ever.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have any major detox reactions or healing crises despite the inclusion of so many herbs in the healing protocol.  I’ll see if tomorrow is more intense, although I have another really busy day.

I have been working hard on “Rawpalooza: 2012 Raw Food World Summit”, and you won’t be disappointed.  Additionally, I have some other projects that may be of interest, which I’ll be announcing in the upcoming weeks.

I would like to continue blogging right now, but my stomach growling and feels like it is in turmoil.  It may be a very long night.

Thanks again for all the great comments on this blog.  I love hearing your stories and kind words of inspiration.  See you tomorrow.