Power Juice Feast- Day 18

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

Today was by far the most intense day of deep cleansing on this journey so far.  So many incredible things have been happening inside my body and it is has been difficult.  Surprisingly, my energy was great.  I was able to put in a full work day, go to the gym, and do some chores around the house.  There was one major detox reaction, unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life!

I was suddenly having difficult swallowing.  It felt like there was something in my throat.  The sensation was like sawdust.  I drank water, trying to get down whatever was irritating me  When I finished, I noticed a large sore in the back of my mouth, just before my esophagus.  My tongue kept moving to feel it.  It sort of felt like one of those canker or cold sores you might get on your lip (only bigger).  It was extremely uncomfortable and unexpected.  Within a few minutes, I had another deep cleansing reaction and my body let go of some serious toxins.  Right after this, the sore in my mouth was completely gone!  This was really strange.  I am not sure what was released here, but it must’ve been something deep within my body.  Some toxins I was holding on to for a long time.  I am shocked at how much body let go of today.

Juices of the Day

1.  Carrot/ Apple/ Beet/ Ginger
2.  Pineapple/ Red Grapes/ Ginger
3.  Apple/ Carrot/ Celery/ Aloe Vera
4.  Celery/ Kale/ Spinach/ Cucumber

I drank 1 Gallon of Juice today.  I followed the protocol for day one of HealthForce’s Healing Cleanse Level 3 (considered the most hardcore and intense protocol available.  I will post the protocol below.

Weight Loss

I continue to weigh 172, 10 lbs less than when I started this journey.  I am hoping to drop to around 168 by Sunday.  That would be my ideal weight at this time.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I can’t complain about the deep cleansing my body is doing right now.  My intention was to “amp up” the cleanse and I got just what I wanted.  Sometimes I forget (after being on such a gentle juice feast) what it feels like to be in a healing crises for the majority of the day.  The hardest part was doing my work while struggling through this process.  Like I said, my energy was fine (surprisingly) but it has hit me now.  I really didn’t have the energy to blog tonight but couldn’t wait to share about the strange tongue incident.  Has anyone experienced anything like this before?  Please share.

Have a look at the Protocol for the Healing Cleanse I have incorporated into the Juice Feast (see below).  I keep telling myself only 5 more days to go!  I am really looking forward to Monday and starting to consume foods again.  I am hoping to find a fresh organic mango to bite into on that very day.