Power Juice Feast- Day 20

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

I had a change of heart and decided to continue blogging my journey.  I received some feedback from friends on Facebook who are interested in hearing more, so I will continue.  Today was incredible because I went for a colon hydrotherapy session.  This was an amazing experience and it has been a long time since I’ve done one.  Many doctors are now embracing colonic irrigation as an adjunct to their traditional medical treatments, or as part an overall regimen of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) designed to cleanse and detoxify the patient’s colon, liver, kidney and lymphatic systems. The results were unbelievable, especially since I haven’t eaten solid food in 20 days. I will explain more later.

Juices of the Day

1.  Celery/ Cucumber/ Spinach/ Cilantro/ Red Bell Pepper
2.  Pineapple/ Red Grapes/ Ginger/ Coconut
3.  Aloe Vera/ Carrot/ Apple/ Kale/ Ginger

I drank 3 quarts of Juice today.  I followed the protocol for HealthForce’s Healing Cleanse Level 3 (advanced cleanse).

Weight Loss

I am back at 172 pounds.  I have lost 10 pounds since starting the cleanse (starting weight was 182.4).

Deep Cleansing

As I said, my colon hydrotherapy session was extremely successful.  The therapist was also astounded at how much old toxic waste was removed from my body.  I felt great before, but even better following the colonic.  The therapist gave me a parasite test, and to my surprise, I tested positive.  I also tested that my body is high in heavy metals.  I am thankful to be following the HealthForce Healing Cleanse protocol, because it includes a parasite and heavy metal cleanse.  There is a chance I tested high because I am cleansing and the parasites/ heavy metals are in my system.  But also, part of me wondered how accurate these tests are…is anyone familiar?  The scale was definitely off, reporting that I have 25% body fat on my body.  I find this hard to believe, because I am so lean now.  Also, the same scale said my weight was higher than it actually is.  The other scale in the office had me 5 pounds less (the therapist admitted that the scale reports higher weight for some reason).  Naturally, this raised some concern/ questions on how accurate her equipment was.  Still, there was no denying her colon therapy equipment was phenomenal and she was an incredible hydrotherapist.  Her name is Mary, and she is very warm and makes you feel extremely comfortable.  Her business is new, so if you are in Los Angeles, I highly recommend checking her out.  The facility is brand new, extremely clean, and she needs more clients.  She has top ratings on Yelp.  I don’t get a commission, I just want to see her succeed, so please support Mary’s business.
Here is the link:
Colon Rollin’s Website

I was thinking of breaking the cleanse at 21 days, meaning this Saturday, but since I may have parasites and more heavy metals, I am going to break it next Monday so I can finish Dr. Jameth Sheridan’s HealthForce Healing Cleanse Level 3 Protocol  For a while, I was thinking my body should take care of itself, so why should I need herbs?  As it turns out, my body may be nowhere near clean, so I want the help of the supplements.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow.



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