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Welcome to the Raw Vegan Radio online shop. Here you will find digital downloads of exclusively created content by Natural Healing Productions (our mother company). Feel free to listen to a sample of each listed audiobook. Please check back often as we will be continuously adding new products to the store.

How to make a Living in the Health and Wellness Industry with Frederic PatenaudeIn this edition of the Raw Vegan Radio In-Depth Series, Frederic Patenaude reveals how anyone can have an occupation that is in line with their passions and dreams.

This audiobook will teach you:

* How to earn enough making money living your passion so you can have the CHOICE to leave your regular job

* When the time is right to quit your "day job"

* How to succeed in the field of Natural Health even if you're not an expert and not a picture of perfect health

* How to clarify your passion and why you can earn more money doing it than working at a "job".

* Personal stories on how Steve Prussack and Frederic Patenaude were able to start making money doing what they love!

* Essential tips, tools, and strategies to start doing what you love....and earning a living starting today!

Price: $9.99