Raw Drawing with MG

Kids learn to draw a special cartoon with MG just for fans of Raw Vegan Radio.  She also shows us how to make a delicious and nutritious raw food meal.  Thank you MG!  MG asked what would be best to draw (she specializes in drawing Disney characters for children).  I chose my favorite Disney movie, Wall-E.  It’s still hard to believe that a company like Disney released such a socially relevant movie.  And please try the desert recipe, it tastes scrumptious!

Why did I choose Wall-E?  The plot of the movie takes place 700 years in the future, after mankind so completely trashed Earth’s environment that it had to relocate to spaceships.

In their new orbital home mankind has evolved into huge floating fat blobs.

This video is sponsored by our friends at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.  The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012 will take place on August 20 - August 28 at Camp Walden located on beautiful Trout Lake in the Southern Adirondacks.

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