Juice Feasting- Day 10

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

This was the best day of the Juice Feast.  I am seriously shocked with how much energy I have!  The chore of making my juice in the morning is less laborious and actually getting fun.  I am enjoying tuning into my body and figuring out what juices I need for the day.  There is an intuition with juicing I have never experienced before….and every juice I make tastes incredible!  I don’t have to rely on juice recipe books…the knowledge is within.  I am having significantly less cravings for food and even watching other people eat doesn’t bother me at all.  I feel I have made it over a serious obstacle with my cravings and found comfort in accepting my choice to live on liquid juices for….the next several weeks.

Juices of the Day

1.  Celery/ Parsley/ Dandelion Greens/ Apple/ Carrot
2.  Watermelon
3.  Pineapple/ Red Grapes/ Ginger (My favorite so far)
4.  Cucumber/ Kale/ Celery/ Parsley
Snacks:  1 Coconut, 1 Cup of Licorice Root Tea

I drank a little over 1 Gallon of Juice today.

Weight Loss

For the FOURTH day in a row, my weight has not changed. I still weigh 176.  I have lost 6.4 pounds in  9 days (starting weight was 182.4).  David Rain gave me some good advice.  He said “weight *exchange* is more important than weight loss… and the weight loss will occur. But what we experience each Day of a Juice Feast is weight exchange. Your body is dropping of old dead and dying cells, toxic matter, uneliminated waste… and at the same time is REBUILDING cells, tissues, organs, and REHYDRATING. And water weights 8.5 lbs per gallon. So it does not take much rehydrating or drinking of juice (over 2lbs per quart of fluid) to alter what you see on the scale.”  This was comforting to know! (Thank you David)

Energy and More!

Again, my energy levels were unbelievable today.  I was extremely productive with my work, and accomplished more tasks than usual.  I feel great, my body is definitely more lean.  Other people are starting notice.  Somebody told me I was “glowing” today!  My brain is sharp and more focused.  These results inspire me to continue, because I just can’t believe how great I am feeling.  WOW!

Detox Today

I didn’t take my Healthforce Intestinal Movement Formula today and it made a difference.  My body cleansed just one time, which isn’t great.  I am going to use it again tomorrow.  I am not detoxing very much at all today.  I didn’t have any detox symptoms at all.  I don’t think this means my body is now clean.  Perhaps it’s getting ready for a serious deep cleaning, which is what I am hoping.  I would really love to manifest no more migraines and headaches, which is my biggest health challenge.

Thank you for tuning in.  To all you other Juicers out there, keep it up, and thanks so much for posting here.  You inspire me too!


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» Steven Prussack said: { Dec 5, 2011 - 11:12:43 }

I’m lovin’ it!

» Francois Montcalm said: { Dec 7, 2011 - 12:12:54 }

Maybe the headaches and migraines could have something to do with too much computer screen? What I find helps is not staring at the computer screen too long, being around many big open windows and gazing outside at the sky half of the time I’m on the computer (while I’m thinking). Doing this can make the brain and eyes feel much better. Also maybe EMF’s from computers, cell phones, etc. could have something to do with it. David Wolfe is talking a lot about getting grounded to neutralize EMF’s and he talks about grounding pads that can be especially beneficial for being indoors around electronic devices like computers. He also mentions in one of his videos that getting grounded can be great for getting rid of headaches.

» Steven Prussack said: { Dec 8, 2011 - 12:12:00 }

I do use a grounding pad when on the computer Francois…hmm not sure.