Raw Man and Green Girl Fund Drive

Rawman and Green-Girl is Ron Gilmore’s animated web series about Raw-Vegan Superheroes and their mission to protect the earth from man-made ecological and agricultural dangers. The show uses humor and superhero action to inform the audience of current health-related issues in an entertaining way, which makes it popular with adults and children alike.

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Rawman & Green-Girl vs The Pasteurizer is the third episode in the series and with the help of the regular cast and crew which includes, Tonya Kay (Green-Girl) and yours truly (Steve Prussack) (The Chief), as well as a few new faces, this episode promises to be the best yet.

Joining us on this project are:

Paul Scarzo (Storyboard artist: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Captain Planet)

Greg Cipes, voice of Kevin Levin (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien), Beast Boy (Teen Titans), Chiro (Disney’s “Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!”)

Robert Lowden (Background Artist: Curious George, The Road to El Dorado, Prince of Egypt)

Mimi Michaels (SyFy Channel’s “Meteor”, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Ugly Truth)

Joanne Rose (Vegan 101)

(Full cast & crew list below)
Upon completion in early 2012, I will submit this episode for showings at film festivals and make it available on DVD and YouTube.

What We Need & What You Get

In the past, our friend Ron provided all of the artwork and funds necessary to bring Rawman & Green-Girl to the screen. This time he is  hiring people that can lend their special talents to the project which will add an extra dimension of professionalism.
Therefore, I am raising $2,500 to hire the additional crew. While I will handle the bulk of the work, none of the money is for my own labor. The funds raised on this site will help pay for the background and prop designs, as well as the music composition and vocal recording costs.

Contributions start as low as $5, and each one comes with a special gift - Donate Here

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this project with others who may be interested by using the “share” tools located on this page.
Thank you for your support

— Ron Gilmore for Raw Vegan Radio’s Blog


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Ron Gilmore, Tonya Kay, Steve Prussack, Greg Cipes, Mimi Michaels, Matt & Angela Monarch, Joanne Rose, Josh Snyder, Jennifer Sherdahl.

Voice Director: Karen McCarthy, Composer: Charlotte McMillian, Backgrounds: Robert Lowden

Prop Design & Additional Backgrounds: Paul Scarzo

Producer, Writer, Director & Animator: Ron Gilmore