Ready for the “Real” Health Debates?

When Durianrider asked me to moderate a real health debate, I couldn’t turn him down…it planted an idea. Why not host REAL health debates, live, with passionate leaders ready to go head to head? Check it out here:

Were you tired of the recent health debates, because they weren’t actually debates? It seemed like a great idea, but none of the leaders were willing to go head to head against each other live to passionately discuss their viewpoints. We decided to do something about it.

These guys are gearing up and already talking smack. Check out more about what our contenders are saying here:

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We invite you to join us live, to hear two opposing health leaders speak out, NO-HOLDS-BARRED. I was approached by two compassionate individuals, leading voices in their community. They have agreed to hash out their passionate viewpoints, in a no-holds barred cage match. And GUESS WHAT? You’re Invited to a ringside seat at this incredible event!

Sign up here: