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Valya Boutenko (Episode 41)

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On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with Valya Boutenko. You’ll learn how the Boutenko family dealt with the pros and cons following a raw food diet. Additionally, Valya speaks about how her life changed growing up as a raw foodist. Insightful and enlightening interview, not to be missed.

Valya Boutenko, a raw foodist for 13 years, has recently graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. Valya is a certified raw food chef who specializes in desserts. She is the co-author of the books, “Raw Family,” and “Eating Without Heating” as well as the co-producer of the award winning movie, “Interview With Sergei.” She has been researching the ways to inspire children to eat healthier. She practices nonviolent communication and is a student of Byron Katie. Valya enjoys gardening, dancing, sewing, and painting.

Learn more about Valya and her “Raw Family” by visiting her website www.rawfamily.com