Episode 0114-RVR- The Wayseers Will Change The World!

May 20, 2011

This episode is dedicated to free-spirits, visionaries, misfits, rebels and pioneers—In other words, The Wayseers!

On today’s show, our special guest Garret John LoPorto shares secrets from his vital breakthrough book “The Wayseers”.

* Your miraculous ability to transform the world

* The secret genius that drives risk-takers, rebels, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators to achieve greatness

* How to express your fire and harness it productively

* Tips on raising a Wayseer child, also known as “indigo children” and “crystal children”

Author, speaker, U.S. & International patent-pending inventor,

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Episode 0113- RVR- Are You Eating Genetically-Modified Raw Foods?

May 11, 2011

Episode 0113- RVR- Are You Eating Genetically-Modified Raw Foods?

On today’s show, sponsored by Worldfest 2011 (http://www.worldfest.events.com), we feature an exclusive interview with Rhio on the latest information about genetically-engineered food. If you think you know about GMOs and what is being done to the food supply, think again. This interview will show you:

* How to protect yourself from GMOs

* Why you need to educate your friends and loved ones about GMOs to help put an end to the manipulation of our food supply

* Which raw foods they are tampering with and how organic doesn’t mean your food is safe

* The truth about GMOs according to research the government does not want you to know

Rhio is a singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues. Her best-selling book Hooked on Raw is about living a life more closely aligned with Nature by adopting…

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Episode 0112- RVR- Keys To A Great Body with Mary Luciano

May 5, 2011

Episode 0112- RVR- Keys To A Great Body with Mary Luciano

Get in the best shape of your life! On this show, our exclusive interview with Raw Food Trainer Mary Luciano reveals:

* How you can achieve the body you always dreamed of on a raw foods diet in less than a year

* What you should be eating on a daily basis, including sample menu planning (Quick and Simple)

* What is the best exercise routine for looking your best this summer in that bikini or swimsuit

* How you can literally thrive when following a raw and living foods diet

Mary Luciano is a raw food fitness trainer and health and fitness expert. Mary’s story and experiences have astounded fellow competitors, models, and individuals even in the raw food community. Along with being featured in Healing Our World, Hippocrates’ Health Institute International Magazine, and following…

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Episode 0111- RVR- When Technology Fails with Matthew Stein

April 29, 2011

This show features an exclusive interview with Matthew Stein, author of “When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency”. This program was going to be a paid class, but we decided to get it to you absolutely free. This show is not be missed, Don’t live in fear, just be prepared.

You’ll Discover life-saving tools that will prepare you for any emergency, including:

* The “Pit of the Stomach exercise”, and how could it save my life in a crisis situation

* Putting together a “Grab-and-Run Kit” (also known as 72-hour kits, short-term emergency kit, etc.) and why you should have one

* Why you should have a family emergency plan and what kind of things should it cover

* How you can disinfect “ditch water” using just sunshine

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