Spring Cleaning Juice Fast Day 8

Spring Cleaning Juice Fast Day 8

The Spirituality of Cleansing

by Steve Prussack
Host of Raw Vegan Radio

I can’t believe I am on day 8 of my organic raw juice fast. There has been an abundance of letting go, which has manifested itself in every area of my life.  I needed to be away from the computer for the last few days to reconnect with myself, the earth, the universe, and the source of all life.  It doesn’t matter what you call the supreme being- Elohim, Adonai, Bhagwaan, Yahweh, Lord, Father in Heaven, Allah, Bavenda,- Each religion and culture has a name for our source- there is nothing like cleansing the body to get closer to this magnificence.  I feel that has happened, and want to focus on that for today’s blog post.

Many people begin a juice fast with various expectations, but a big one is because they want to lose some weight.  I have to admit, that was one of my deciding factors this time.  We sometimes forget what this clearing will do for our consciousness, and our connection to everything around us.  Once we let go of years of accumulated waste, we create an opening.  This opening gives us a glimpse of our life.  Our habits, routines, shadow side, emotions- with great clarity.  It is within this complete awareness that we redevelop our deepest intuition.  We were born with incredible intuition, but the years of accumulated waste in our body has literally numbed this innate ability.  Once we begin a life that includes cleansing and eating better, we are able to tap back into this intuition.  This innate voice communicates with us strongly.  It tells us what we should do, what path we should take, and gives us the energy to get it done.

The cleansing inside has led to cleansing outside.  I went through my closet to get rid of clothing I haven’t worn in years.  I will donate this clothing to the homeless.  Also, it made me organize and get rid of clutter around our home.  I was able to see that I hold onto things, and it felt incredible to let them go.  I’m not done yet, there is still more clearing I want to accomplish in my home space.

What Lead to this New Awakening?

For me, it has been a few things.  First of all, my body wanted a colonic, so I had that done yesterday.  I already blogged about enemas and colonics here, if you want to learn more about that area.  Of course it was incredible, and I was able to let go of so much.  Deep rooted “stuff”.  It’s interesting how much emotion is caught up in the accumulated waste that lies dormant on the sides of our intestines and colon for years and years!  Once we are ready to release it during a cleanse, we feel a weight has been lifted beyond enormity (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).  We experience a physical purging, which in turn allows for the clearing of emotions we may have been holding for years.  What an incredible relief to get it out of our bodies!  A real gift.

I have spent a lot of time in nature, near the beach.  Walking barefoot, grounding my body with the electromagnetic force of the earth.  This has been incredibly healing.  My body has been absorbing the healing energy of the earth.  There is nothing like reconnecting to the earth to heal, and I plan to make this a more consistent practice.

I decided to get a massage a couple of days ago, which proved to be life changing.  I had an incredible masseuse, who came to my home and provided an opening for even deeper healing.  It had been a few years since I had a massage, and after this experience, I have decided to make this part of my life practice.  How often do we take care of ourselves this deeply?  When we start to pamper ourselves, our body/ soul repays us in many ways.

I have found that being out in the sun has been incredibly healing as well.  My body wanted to experience the full power of the sun…the healing rays, and important vitamins the sun is able to provide (and who knows what else, that we haven’t discovered?).  This made me decide I needed to sunbathe completely nude.  My body wanted to feel the healing rays of the sun on every part of my body.  How often do we wear swimsuits and not allow the sun to reach all areas of our bodies?  It felt transcending, and I began to do some gentle yoga poses under the warming sun.  This was yet another example of my body letting me know what it wanted.  I am not the “nudist” type, but gave my body what it was asking.

Another thing that has been very healing and essential during this journey has been the music I am listening to…I would love to recommend the music that is found on the Songfisher website.  I can’t stop listening to their music (it’s even playing right now, as I write this blog post.  Songfisher music consecrates the alchemy of Harmony, Joy, Peace and Love. Their music collection is suitable for Meditation, Ritual, Ceremony, Spiritual practice and Singing in groups.  Download some of their music, you won’t be disappointed. (Warning:  Their music is WONDERFULLY addictive).
Link to Songfisher.Org

At this point, I am filled with a  feeling of total contentment.  I haven’t experienced this feeling in a long time.  How often are we able to be still, in our thoughts, mind, body, and soul?  When do we get to that point in life where everything in life seems like it’s alright?  Especially with everything happening on the planet these days, we are living in a very stressful and chaotic society.

Juice fasting along with the essential practices I mentioned in this blog has led me to experience that now, and it is just profound.  I haven’t had this sense of peace for a long time.  I have found the peace comes from within.  Love comes from within.  When we allow ourselves to love OURSELVES this deeply, we are able to share that love with everyone and thing around us.

On a physical level,  I have lost 14 pounds since I started juice fasting…but I am more excited about purging the spiritual and emotional baggage.

How about you?  I would love to hear how your fasting experiences has opened and cleared the way towards a greater sense of spirit and love.  This is such an amazing place to be.  I invite you to join in the circle and share your experiences below.  Please feel free to be open….

With Love and Gratitude.


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» Karen said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 03:04:21 }

Steve, this is so wonderful! I am on day 51 myself of my 92 day juice feast. I can relate to all that you are stating here.

Onward to more success.

» Bruna said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 04:04:10 }

This is so inspiring. Thank you so much for posting and sharing.

» Pamela Ziemann said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 04:04:29 }

Read your post after returning from walking in the sun with my grounding shoes. What a difference taking time to nourish ourselves in all these areas makes. Also, I’m sleeping on a grounding sheet now, feels good. Listening to Songfisher as I write this. Thanks for the inspiration Steve. Our lives are turning into what I saw in one of the best documentaries ever called LaBelle Verte. English subtitles at you tube at The Beautiful Green.

» Steven Prussack said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 04:04:26 }

Thank you—-I’m glad to inspire and share what we all know is true within…thanks for the recommendation Pamela..I am always interested in finding new little golden tips like that! I’ll look into it…

» jo said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 05:04:33 }

thx steve

» Patty said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 06:04:54 }

Steve, with deepest gratitude to be journeying on this juice feast with you although we are miles apart. I love to hear the genuine joy in your post and know it has a positive rippling impact in the universe as we are all connected. Plus, there is a glow that emanates from your written words and it is great to know that you chose to listen and honor yourself and follow your heart even though it meant skipping a few posts. How easy it is to come back home and be with ourselves when we are true to our heart and give ourselves the time to ponder and notice what raises our life force instead of sticking with “I have to…” and “I need to…” Thank you for sharing.

Can you tell me the source of the first piece of art shown in this blog? It looks vaguely familiar. Thanks.

For myself, my friends and co-workers continue to comment on how great I look and that I am inspiring them to make healthier lifestyle choices. In addition, one friend asked me out for drinks, I responded sure as long as they knew I would be drinking water. I am down 12 pounds and personally finding this experience easy and very rewarding plus my energy has remained constant. I recognize that prior to the juice feast that I would consume a higher volume of food and eat for emotional reasons at times. Now I am more mindful. After all, one can easily chew a single raisin more that 20 times. Yet, in this fast paced life we sometimes forget the myriad of daily joys and give thanks for the abundance in our life until we slow down and feel the sun or rain on our face or the smile of a stranger all of which can feel utterly amazing and it is free! Well it’s 9 PM here and time to treat myself to a restorative sleep to refresh my soul for tomorrow’s activities. Namaste.

» Lisa G said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 06:04:43 }

so inspiring! I did my first juice fast 2 weeks ago, but only lasted 4 1/2 days. By the 3rd day the fog lifted and I really felt happy. However, it was too difficult to juice before work. Juicing would take 45 minutes for a mere 16 oz! I found that to be very frustrating and I thought I invested in an above average juicer. Any suggestions?

» janet cade said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 06:04:39 }

You are giving me the impetus i will need for the ‘cleanse’ that I have scheduled to start this Sunday.
You are actually helping me to look forward to the starting date. I know all these wonderful things can happen -
we just have to get on and do it. Thanks for sharing so honestly about the steps you have taken. Great, Happy

» E'laria said: { Apr 9, 2012 - 06:04:31 }

Thank you so much for your honest sharing, Steve. I just started a 10-day all raw liquid cleanse with Cleanse America. (Have you heard of it? Hundreds of people all over North America are participating in an all-raw cleanse together. It’s wonderful! http://www.cleanseamerica.com) My particular cleanse will include a parasite cleanse protocol as well, so I’m anticipating significant release and changes in the process. This is not my first cleanse by any means, but my first cleanse in many years. Your words in this blog today were perfect timing for me to read. A cleanse for me is always about the cleanse on every level — old beliefs & emotions, & moving into greater spiritual attunement. The more I meditate on the Light/Love/Source Within, the more the sustenance directly from Source Within emerges. For me, this is our true “diet,” one that we humans have the potential to evolve towards. I am anticipating with this cleanse that I will be clearer about what of my material possessions to keep and what to let go of and that this process will be more graceful than trying to force myself to do it before ready. So again, your comments were so very affirming and are helping me move onward with the deeper and truer meaning of my cleanse. Much appreciation. :)

» Bretta Blanton said: { Apr 10, 2012 - 06:04:57 }

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Steve. I can relate. I have recently come off of a 14 day OJ fast (garden diet), and the weight just peeled off. And my mind and spirit had so much clarity. I also felt the sudden need to give. And, this is easy being here in Northern Nigeria. I am working as a visiting prof at a university here in Kano Nigeria. As you can imagine, the poverty here is devastating. Recently, I gave a man a big bag of food stuffs that had teas, ramein noodles, rice, bread, etc. And, this man was almost brought to tears. Every time I see him, he is still thanking me, saying he will never forget me. He acts like I gave him a big wad of cash!

The thing that I am proud of is that this time I have kept the weight off. Usually, I will go through fasts, lose weight and gain it right back. But, I have kept the weight off for about 3 months by eating mostly raw, watching my portion size and eating simply. As a matter of fact, my diet has been more like a forced fast. It is so difficult to eat vegan in this part of nigeria. I have to be driven about 1 to 2 hours to buy fruits and veggies. The climate is dry like the desert so not much is growing around me. Most of the local vendors only sell tomatoes and meats. Due to the danger of this area (terrorists), I am only allowed to go around with a driver who only comes twice a week. So, it can be difficult to buy enough produce to stretch for 2weeks. Of course there are no restaurants or other conveniences. We are sometimes without water for 1 week. And, what comes out of the faucet, I am afraid to use- it looks so dirty! So, food is scarce for vegans here. Sometimes I find myself eating tomato salads- made only from tomato, onions, garlic, oils, and spices. And, I drink a lot of herbal tea and bottled water. I juice or do smoothies when I have fruits and veggies. My appetite has dropped tremendously, but my mind is so clear, so full of good ideas. And, I have really went inside of myself and have found a lot of things to work on. This has been a life changing experience. But, I look forward to go back to the US in 2.5 months!

» Steve Prussack said: { Apr 10, 2012 - 07:04:48 }

Wow Bretta! Incredible!! Thank you for the inspiration!

» Roberta said: { Apr 10, 2012 - 08:04:24 }

Hello, I just wanted to weigh in on my juicing experience. My husband and I went on a 92 day juice fast last year after watching the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This was the most incredible experience we have had in our lives. For myself, I had so much energy and mental clarity while I was juicing. Adding colonics to this regime is a real plus for eliminating toxins and purging negative emotions. During my juice fast people were always coming up to me and asking me what I was doing to maintain such a clear complexion—I told them I was juicing. My husband and I both lost about 50 pounds each and juicing will always be a part of our life. In addition, my husband and I both did regular bloodwork throughout the fast and our numbers continued to get better during the extended fast. I would encourage everyone to try juice fasting—you will not be dissappointed—and it can change your life! Juice on!

» Sarah said: { Apr 11, 2012 - 05:04:08 }

Dearest Steve,
You continue to be an amazing source of inspiration to me. I cried reading your post. I loved hearing your eloquent and heartfelt affirmations of the reasons I was drawn to a living foods lifestyle. I look forward with keen eagerness to my own extended juice fast. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many Blessings to you!

» Maria Ingham said: { Apr 16, 2012 - 06:04:16 }

Thank you Steve for your incredible post.

I was eager and highly motivated to be starting my second juice fast tomorrow BEFORE I read this, but now I am desperate to start and experience all these wonderful things for myself too, right now!
I had such an amazing 8-day juice fast 6 weeks ago, but I am now ready to embark on an extended one. I am completely open to receive.

Bretta, you made me burst into tears! Amazing!

And great that we all seem to be in tune with each other, as I have just sorted out 4 boxes worth of paperwork that I just don’t need to keep anymore. I have donated a car-load of stuff including clothes to my local charity shop.
And you know what? It feels great to get rid of all this STUFF!

I don’t miss it and I am determined to keep refining what I keep as an ongoing project.

I am going to start my extended juice fast tomorrow, and thanks Steve for the tips. I will be scheduling in massages and a colonic as a gift to myself for taking my health back into my own hands.

Love to all of you xxx

» Donna said: { Apr 16, 2012 - 09:04:35 }

Great stuff Steve. Sounds like I need a juice fast to clear my head so I can get clear on direction in my life. I stopped eating meat and dairy on April 1st after breaking my 10 year vegetarian diet on January 1st hoping I would gain more energy. Instead the opposite happened. So now instead of going back to vegetarian, I’ve taken the leap straight to vegan. In a couple of weeks I already feel better but have a long way to go.

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