“Raw Vegan Radio fills a real need within the growing community of raw food vegans - or anyone becoming interested in achieving health naturally.

Raw Vegan Radio provides a platform to feature a variety of different ideologies and the information is unbiased. I can listen to the programs on my computer as I complete chores around the house, filling my brain with information that motivates me to stay on the holistic path. It’s great to have this program available and to be inspired by each new episode. I look forward to each new interview, and I constantly replay the older ones too!”

Amanda Sager - Registered Dietitian

“If you want to achieve the greatest health and understand health issues, listen to Raw Vegan Radio on a consistent basis.

Raw Vegan Radio is a show the entire population should be hearing. When I compare Raw Vegan Radio to all the different raw food information websites, I feel it is one of the most important and helpful.”

Paul Nison

- Author, Speaker and Raw Food Chef

“Raw Vegan Radio is the most comprehensive source for live interviews with some of the best in the raw food and vegan world.

Steven Prussack consistently hosts interviews that are unique, unbiased, and in-depth. Each episode is informative and inspiring!”

Alex Malinsky - President of “Raw Guru, Incorporated”

“It is so much easier for me to fit listening to a Raw Vegan Radio interview into my schedule than to sit down and read someone’s whole book.

I have been a huge fan of Raw Vegan Radio since the very beginning. I remember when I first found it online in early 2006 and knew this was going to be a major stream for communicating the raw message. I feel it has progressed and becomes stronger with each new episode.I enjoy listening to the programs while I’m creating healthy raw dishes, as it feeds my mind inspiration while I’m working my physical body.It’s great to hear people speak about their different perspectives on raw foods, this allows us to get a true sense of the person they really are. I really appreciate the open and genuine nature of Steve’s interviewtyle too. It’sa winning combination!.”

Angela Stokes- Author and Raw Food Coach

“It is refreshing to be able to hear valuable and truthful information that is helpful in everyday life.

I find it healing to listen to such intimately created programs as Raw Vegan Radio in place of corporate television and radio programs loaded with promotions, distortions, and exaggerations.Kudos to Steven for bravely competing with mass media and winning!”

Victoria Boutenko - Award-Winning Raw Food Author, Lecturer, and Raw Food Chef

“This truly is a top notch program with professional, entertaining and enlightening speakers that offer much useful information.

I listen to the OUTSTANDING Raw Vegan Radio program with Steve Prussack on a regular basis. The overall mission is to educate and enlighten the world with this useful information. Make the Choice to Listen and Learn with Raw Vegan Radio.”

Kieba - Raw Vegan Body Builder and Life Coach

“Raw Vegan Radio with Steven Prussack is my favourite work companion!

Steven’s guests are first rate and his interviews are not only down to earth but get straight to heart of all my interests and questions on the latest in the raw food movement. He really brings the raw food lifestyle into the 21st century.”

Amy DeWolfe -
Graphic Design Artist

“When someone comes pure from the heart to solely help others and make this planet a better place, true success and abundance is eminant.

Steven Prussack has proven that with the creation of “Raw Vegan Radio Premium”. There is no doubt in my mind that Raw Vegan Radio’s huge success is due to the clever humanitarian, Steven Prussack. Interviewing with Steve in person was such a joy and I could sense his pure heart at work. Thank you Steven for making “Raw Vegan Radio Premium” available to the world!”

Matt Monarch - Author and Lecturer

“Raw Vegan Radio is a wonderful resource for anyone exploring the living foods lifestyle, whether raw-curious or already devoted to it.

The variety of experts Steven interviews perform a great job of shedding light on a universally important subject that has been kept in the dark much too long. I only wish it had been around when I first went raw!

Jenna Norwood - Film Producer and Director