Steve's Cleanse- The 21-Day Detox Program Download Page

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS on how to receive your podcasts,
videocasts, and

STEP 1 Click the iTunes One Click Subscribe button at the bottom of this page to download your Complete Program.
>>> iTunes will automatically open up and begin downloading.
STEP 2 Click on 'Podcasts' in the upper left-hand side of your screen, under Library.
STEP 3 You will see a podcast called "Steve's Cleanse-21 Day Detox". Click the very small grey triangle to the left of "Steve's Cleanse-The 21 Day Detox." It will reveal and list all the files sent to you from the cleanse program.
STEP 4 Click on the files you would like to access and enjoy!
You will need iTunes 7.5 and Adobe Reader. Click the buttons below to download these programs if you do not have them.

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I got 'em all! I'm ready for the program: