Video: Dr. Mercola Vs. Dr. Cousens: Opposing Viewpoints?

Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio invites attorney/ judge Julie Varon on the show to critique a debate between Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Gabriel Cousens.  The topic of the debate was supposed to be Live Foods Vs. Whole Foods. We will break down our thoughts on this event.  I’d love to hear your opinion, so please post below.Were you shocked at the outcome of this debate?  I definitely was!  First of all, you can still listen to this, its available for the next 24 hours at The Great Health Debate website.

I want to share my initial opinion and of course hear from YOU.  First, I will point out some of the more shocking moments:

1)  Dr. Gabriel Cousens (long raw vegan advocate) mentions that EGGS, and even better RAW EGGS are a good source of protein!   Did I hear him right?  When I interviewed Cousens on Raw Vegan Radio a few years ago, he was an ethical vegan.

2)  Dr. Gabriel Cousens said that following a vegan diet is MORE DIFFICULT than following a meat eating diet in terms of getting the nutrients you need to thrive. Cousens has been a long-term advocate of veganism…Listen to his interview on Raw Vegan Radio here, and you will definitely hear a different Gabriel Cousens.
Click Here to Listen to Gabriel Cousens on Raw Vegan Radio

3)   This was not really much of a debate.  It seemed like the doctors were trying to highlight all the things they agree with, and really tiptoed around the major differences in their philosophies.

I am beyond surprised, but I want to hear from you…have a listen here, and let me know what YOU think.