Vegan Blogger Missing! Please Help!

Vegan Blogger Missing!  Please Help!

A woman traveling the country, blogging about vegan cuisine and healthier lifestyles, has vanished in Houston leading her friends and family In Atlanta, Georgia to flood social media with pleas for help.

Victoria Moon Erickson, 31, arrived in Houston on January 16 at the W. Clay location of Pat Greer’s Kitchen, a well-known Houston source of fresh raw vegan cuisine sold at farmer’s markets and numerous other locations.

“She came to us just to get something to eat,” Pat Greer said on Friday, four days after “Vickie” disappeared.

Moon Erickson had been traveling and blogging on a trip that took her from her home in Atlanta to Kansas City, Austin, Victoria, Port Lavaca and Houston.

Greer gave her a job in her vegan kitchen and a room to stay in on the second floor. Moon Erickson, who also blogs about the trials and tribulations of “urban camping,” had apparently been living in her car with her dog “Jet.”

“The last time I saw her was Monday morning,” said Greer.

On January 21, Moon Erickson vanished, leaving her dog, her car, her computer, her cell phone, her wallet, her ID and all of her possessions behind. The car, a late model Chrysler LeBaron, is still parked behind Pat Greer’s Kitchen.

“I think maybe she’s really opted to leave, to leave her life,” Greer said also detailing evidence of emotional turmoil in the woman’s life in the days before her disappearance. Greer says she was showing signs of anxiety and stress.

Her family in Atlanta has taken to the Internet, her brother posting on the social media site Reddit, asking for help here in Houston.

Paul Samford says his foster sister is a loner, sometimes living in her car, but says she’s never walked away from everything before.

“When she and I would talk about any of those kinds of things, I would let her know that I didn’t think that was the safest, greatest idea. But she’s fearless. She’s just fearless. She always has been,” said Samford. “We are extremely concerned you know. And we’re just asking that anybody that has got any kind information to get in contact with the police.”

Greer says she and members of her staff have also inquired at local hospitals and the Harris County Medical Examiner, but have found no trace of the missing woman.

A missing persons report has been filed with Houston police.

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