Episode 0071-Raw Vegan Radio-The Future of Raw Foods with Cherie Soria

May 6, 2009

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Today we feature an exclusive interview with raw food author, entrepreneur, and culinary chef Cherie Soria.

You’ll Discover:
>>> Easy tips on how to prepare delicious raw food creations
>>> The truth about Careers in the Raw Food Movement
>>> The Staples in a Raw Food Kitchen
>>> How to find the Ultimate Raw Food Culinary Training Program
>>> Why Raw Food is the New Revolution

Cherie Soria, is the founder and director of the internationally known Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and author of 3 books including the Raw Revolution Diet.

Cherie has been teaching raw vegan culinary arts to students and teachers from around the world since 1992 and is known as the “mother of gourmet raw cuisine”.

Cherie and her partner Dan own three award-winning green businesses: Living Light Café and Cuisine To Go, Living Light Marketplace, and the eco-friendly, Living Light Inn. For more information visit the Living Light website at


2 Responses to “Episode 0071-Raw Vegan Radio-The Future of Raw Foods with Cherie Soria”

  1. Mary on June 2nd, 2009 4:12 pm

    Thanks so much for your interview with Cherie Soria. I’m heading towards raw and am definitely in agreement with Cherie that greens are the secret. I appreciate that you allow your guest to speak. You ask good questions. I look forward to more like this.

  2. Warren on January 2nd, 2010 4:35 pm

    I am very curious about raw vegan organic cuisine for the sake of the raw vegan acclimated pallet.

    Is it a different pallet? If so what can be done with it? Who different is it. For a sustainable future its probably better that it isn’t different but maybe its not that simple?

    I am wondering how athletics might be a good PR vehicle. Because this is close to a Gorilla diet (young Coconut water might have to substitute for the sodium forraging with rotten wood) I suspect the strongest Man/Woman contest might be a good start. Its eco/Gorilla. But it has to taste great. If it savet them time, tastes great and gives them an edge then that community could be helpful.

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