Episode 0017-Raw Vegan Radio-The China Study Revealed with Dr. T. Colin Campbell

July 10, 2006

The China Study

T. Colin Campbell is a Cornell University professor and an outspoken vegan. He also authored The China Project, a series of academic papers intended to prove that the Chinese (particularly those who dont eat meat, or rather cant afford it) have a healthier diet than Americans.

Raised on a dairy farm, Campbell is now an anti-milk activist as well, arguing — despite a lack of scientific consensus on the subject and a paucity of evidence — that milk causes early-onset puberty in young girls.

Our exclusive interview with Dr. T. Colin Campbell includes topics such as the nutritional findings of the “China Study”, the need for vitamin B-12 in vegan and raw vegan diets, the health benefits of the raw vegan diet as compared to the vegan diet, and if our diet choices can reduce risk of disease.


One Response to “Episode 0017-Raw Vegan Radio-The China Study Revealed with Dr. T. Colin Campbell”

  1. Isabelle on January 3rd, 2010 9:21 am

    Since seeing the film of the French photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand “HOME” and since reading The China Study and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, my diet is totally meatless. I sytill eat a bit of raw fish now and again but chicken is also on its way out. I have been eating mostly raw foods since Feb 2009 and I feel great. I gave up cow dairy yrs ago and living in France it was still tempting now and again to eat Goat or sheep cheeses…these have also been phase out. I feel 20 yrs younger and look it too since I lost 25lbs with zero effort. My daughter in law is staying with me for 2 mos. I have introduced her to raw food and she loves it. She says she will nevetr go back to eating dead cooked foods! Hurray! I won a convert…but really - most of all I am so happy for myself that I have adopted these new eating habits. I feel GREAT!
    Thanks to all of you out there providing us with so many wonderful books and info re how to keep or regain our health!
    Brave to you all and a very happy New Year in 2010….

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