Episode 0089- Raw Vegan Radio- The Raw Food Challenge with Kevin Gianni

March 31, 2010


On today’s show, we feature an interview with Kevin Gianni of “The Renegade Health Show”.  Also, friends of the show from L.A. Raw Bizarre including Chef BeLive stop by to update us on their upcoming event this April 11, 2010.

You’ll find out:

** How to win Kevin’s NEW Raw Food Challenge.

** How to get transition or get back onto a raw diet in a motivating and fun way.

** The importance of exercise in your health and wellness program.

** The truth about traveling the country in an RV while following a raw diet.

    Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author, and interviewer. His expertise includes exercise, energy techniques, nutrition, paradigm shifting, and stress relief. Through his programs and online seminars, he has helped thousands of people from over 102 countries learn more, improve their health, and reach a level of fitness they never thought was possible.

    Kevin got his start in graduate school researching holistic modalities at Western Connecticut State University. While doing so, he learned many different non-traditional approaches to solve very traditional fitness and health problems. Since then, he has been studying and putting those techniques and philosophies into practice through one-on-one and group sessions. His techniques are embraced by busy people because they are simple, easy-to-use, and guaranteed to get results in just a few days. He uses a simple, “take action” approach to fitness that is welcomed by many who’ve been duped by the gadgets, magazine articles, and flavor-of-the-month scientific studies.

    Kevin is the creator and co-host of The Renegade Health Show, a fun and informative daily health show that is changing the perception of health across the world; the author of High Raw – A Simple Approach to Health, Eating, and Saving the Planet, which in 5 easy steps helps people transform their bodies and minds naturally and without confusion; and the co-author of “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution.” Along with business partner Mike Adams, Kevin created, a free service that allows you to stay well informed about health, nutrition and fitness in just a few minutes each week. Kevin also created the widely viewed “Rawkathon” series, including in-depth interviews with leading experts in the raw foods movement.

    He has been quoted and interviewed by many national publications including, among others: WebMD, Ediets, Cooking Light, Woman’s World, Skiing Magazine, Today’s Diet and Nutrition, The Chicago Daily Herald, San Antonio Express-News, NBC 30, My Family Doctor, and STL Today. Kevin has also interviewed many of today’s top health and wellness experts, such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Mike Adams, Bob Doyle, David Wolfe, Dr. Michael Breus, Victoria Boutenko, Danny Dreyer, Marion Nestle, and hundreds more.


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