Episode 0039-Raw Vegan Radio- Finding Bliss with Happy Oasis

September 21, 2007

Happy Oasis


Today’s show features a fascinating exclusive interview with Happy Oasis. Happy is the Founder, President and Chief Visionary Officer of Raw Spirit Festival, a non-profit corporation.

Founder of Arizona’s most cozy and spectacular raw vegan retreat,, Happy lives by her dreams, which have led her to explore, serve and abide in dozens of countries ever since accepting a scholarship to study for a year at Hobart College of Tasmania when she was 16.

Founder of the Inspiring Times News, Happy’s articles and poetry have featured in many magazines including Get Fresh! (England), In Touch (New Zealand), Four Corners (Sedona, Arizona) and Living Nutrition (California) as well as numerous newspapers.

This episode is sponsored by the Raw Spirit Festival taking place on October 12th- October 14th in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Raw Vegan Radio is an official media sponsor of the Third Annual Raw Spirit Festival. Don’t miss your chance to join David Wolfe, Viktorus Kulvinskas, Victoria Boutenko, Dennis Kucinich and many, many raw food superheros! We hope to see you there!

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14 Responses to “Episode 0039-Raw Vegan Radio- Finding Bliss with Happy Oasis”

  1. rick on September 21st, 2007 8:40 am

    What’s the RSS feed to the free shows for non iTunes users :O)

  2. Andreas Marschall on September 21st, 2007 8:47 am

    “Isn’t it enough to see that the garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are faeries at the bottom of it too?”

    These words by Douglas Adams I think best describe the latest episode (you should read them again).
    A few times while listening I thought: Did he really say what I think he did?
    I have the feeling that rawveganradio can not be taken seriously as a source of information on the raw diet anymore.
    I’m sorry to say this but this episode was in many ways redicilous.

    Steve you said “mother earth” which is fine, altought we can argue about that. (it seems that the idea of a “mother earth” is mere whishful thinking)
    But who are these “solar beeings” and “universal astral angels” you were talking about? Who are they, where do they life, and have you spoken to many of them before?

    But let’s concentrate on Happy Oasis. Is that really her name? Her name’s “Happy Oasis”? Did her parents give her that name?

    Now seriously - she said that we come from the sun, which is interessting considering that we life in a post-darwinian age.
    And whorshipping the sun is our “original religion”?
    What does she mean by that?
    I mean the Inka and Maya whorshipped the sun, too, by sacrificing the life of little girls (it had to be a virgin) on the altar. I doubt that she meant that when she said it.

    Visions? What visions?
    Can’t we just enjoy a beautiful sunrise without having to believe that there are astral angel flying around, too? (see quotation on top)

    And please don’t get me wrong here. Don’t just call me pessimist or “not there yet”. It simply should be allowed to put a few things beeing said on the episodes in quetion.

    For example there are good reasons not to eat sprouts, because sprouts are not a natural grown food. See, a seed is meant to be put in the earth to grow and not in the air. This is thy sprouts contain so many toxins (and you have to whash them a few times a day). There are toxins due to the metabolism of the sprout. And normaly these toxins would go into the ground and be neutralised. And what about the nutritional value? Well ordinary grass picked from the ground contains ten times more nutriens than sprouts. All you get from sprouts is worthless grass and not doing it will save you a lot of time and effort. Go out and pick wild-greens and you get so much more nutriens.

    And what about “keeping it simple”? All of your guests so far said: Oh, we got to keep it simple.
    But what’s so simple about sprouting, juicing, blending, etc.?
    And what did our ancient ancestors do in order to survive?
    They had none of these things. Not even did they have no blenders or juicers, the even had no superfoods.

    So what did they do? Now this is where realy simplicity comes into play. They ate wild-greens which is the real true superfood.

    And there is one last thing I wanted to say for a long time.
    Don’t fool your audience!
    Don’t let them believe that there are “Secrets” in the raw diet. Why does everything has to be “amazing”, “fantastic”, “incredible”, “ride on brother” and simply so “wow”? (see the quotation again)
    I mean if that is all you have to say as a host and everything is taken unquestioned then rawveganradio is just one big hype.

    Which brings me to “world-peace” (which was mentioned in the episode)
    Do you really thing that we will achive world peace by believing everything these so called “Raw-Food-Authorities” tell us, and by bying all the products that they are selling us unquestionend?
    For example if we buy this new superfood that contains “Ormus” - or what was this magical substance that David Wolfe was talking about?
    Again don’t get me wrong, I think he has written a fine book (”the sunfood diet success system”) on this topic, but why is Sunfood a trade mark?
    Since when does it bring us world peace if we fall for businessmen like him who have realized that there is big money to be made on rawfood?

    Why are there “rawfood-authorities” who want us to believe that there are “secrets” and unless we pay for their website our own rawdiet won’t work?
    Why does there always have to be “special” information and “secret” content?
    Why should I pay for information that is available for free on the net?
    As a matter of fact there are no “secrets” to the rawfood diet.
    Eat only very little sweet fruits, and a lot of wild and other greens. Eat plenty of nonsweetfruits, some nuts, seeds and fatty fruits, exercise, rest and enjoy yourself. That’s it. That’s all there is to know!

    And on last thing.
    Why is the universe so personified over and over again?
    Do you really think that the universe really cares about your little worries?
    The universe is not interested in any of us even in the slightest.
    Why then do the things that we focus on come into our life?
    Why does it still work this so called “magnetism”?
    The answer is simple again. It’s not the universe that is bringing these things into your life. It’s rather on big placebo. Again, it’s a PLACEBO-effect.

    There is a lot more to be said about these things and who knows maybe I will do an episode for you, though I doubt that it’d ever be broadcast (think I’d rather get to know David Wolfes layers instead)
    So, bye for now…
    Andreas Marschall from Düsseldorf, Germany

  3. Steve Prussack on September 21st, 2007 8:59 am

    Not sure why the comments are duplicating…Andreas, you do raise some interesting thoughts and questions. I will take this side of the argument into consideration when the topic of superfoods comes up again. As you know, I am not afraid to raise issue on controversy. As for Astral Beings, I was having a bit of fun but
    let’s not be so negative my friend.

  4. Steve Prussack on September 21st, 2007 9:01 am

    And, by the way.. were invited on the show last year and chose not to come. I am in no way trying to edit your thoughts and comments.

  5. anonymous on September 22nd, 2007 4:10 pm

    I enjoyed the interview with Happy, but I also enjoyed Andreas’ comments. He made many valid points, I did not think he was being too negative. Thoughtful dissenting views should be welcomed here!

  6. Steve Prussack on September 22nd, 2007 9:55 pm

    Yes, without a doubt. ALL comments are welcome here.

  7. Dave B. on September 29th, 2007 2:33 pm

    Andreas mentioned some great ideas that NEED more exploring. For example this whole ’superfood and raw supplement’ topic needs to be challenged . I would like to ask you Steve to ask these teachers to be more specific on Superfoods.

    For example, these green grass powders at $ 60 for a small bottle. How EXACTLY are these processed ? Why cant we see a behind the scenes video into D.WOLFEs company and find out how he processes his supplements ?

    Im very Open Minded, but How can there possibly be any Lifeforce, enzymes active , active Nutrients etc. from something that has had the Life Juice taken out and then bottled in a bottle ? Wouldnt that bottle be just fiber and nothing else ?

    I wish more ?s were asked and we could get this kind of info. For instance what is the exact Nutrient profile of these supplements such as VITAMINERAL GREEN ? Please try to interview here dr. Jameth Sheridan , i would love to hear that.

    I would like to believe in the Raw Supplements having great value, but The whole concept of ‘raw’ supplements being processed in a Factory and put in a Bottle sounds totally contrary to Natural Law, common sense and Logic as having Great Nutritional value to me.

    Why do we need them if we are Eating Organic Green Foods ? I would greatly like to hear these common sense Logical questions asked to those who promote or reccomend supplements, and ask them to be very specific with their answers to help us understand this topic instead of the same old tired Generalities that we’ve been hearing for years that lead nowhere but confusion.


  8. Dave B. on September 29th, 2007 3:19 pm

    Steve, The 3 most Interesting Unique People out there that i feel would be Fascinating interviews here would be very Enlightening to us all :

    1. Frederic Patenaude
    2. Jameth Sheridan
    3.) Tim Van Orden

    Frederic thinks ALL raw food ’supplements and superfoods’ are a total scam and Fraud and its all about Motivation to get Rich by those who promote such products

    Opposite of this view is Jameth, who promotes and sells the MOST popular and Highly regarded superfood supplement in the raw food world : Vitamineral Green , as well as many Other thought provoking supplements. He is considered the Most highly regarded developer and researcher of Raw Supplements.

    Tim Van Orden is a 40 yr old Raw Vegan in L.Angeles, trying to make the USA Olymipic running team, and is an Outstanding Raw Athlete that has learned alot along the way. I have heard he takes NO raw supplements or superfoods and doesnt believe in them.

    Steve , just sharing some interesting suggestions for ya to check into, keep up the great work !


  9. Dave B. on September 29th, 2007 3:40 pm

    Steve, lastly let me say Andreas has sparked a great topic. The Raw Food World at this time is very divided on this whole supplement question.

    Lets just be honest, TONS AND TONS of $$$ is changing Hands on ”Raw ” Supplements , Millions of dollars. I feel through your show, by asking very specific structured ?s with the Unique guests i just Mentioned, or ones like those, we can begin to unravel all this, and begin to really get down to the bottom of it all , and find out what the real deal is.

    This topic IS without a doubt, the MOST controversial issue right now regarding raw foods. Some claim you cant be truly Healthy and Mineralized without them, Others say they are a complete Scam designed to fool us all and take our $ out of scaring us.

    Steve, as a suggestion have a series of shows focusing on this very topic in depthly ! i would like to hear how others feel about this.


  10. Steve Prussack on September 29th, 2007 4:17 pm

    Rick, Our web designer answered your question under the “Feedback” section. Dave and everyone else, I think this is a great topic of discussion and one in which I will get to the bottom of…there will be some serious exploration into this issue in the near future. I have a bunch of shows already recorded and ready to go…then I will begin a series on supplementation…Great idea!!

  11. shine on October 5th, 2007 1:52 am

    great to hear happy on here - i wish there were more happy’s about…i got her book blissology after hearing her on the raw summit and i cant recomend it highly of the best books i have come across in such a long time…great web site too
    with love

  12. mani mejia on October 14th, 2007 9:51 am

    wow what a topic!

  13. gerald on October 17th, 2007 1:19 pm

    she didn’t seem that far out to me. I do not believe in superfoods. they did have doug graham and tim trader and other hygienists and these type of people interviewed on raw vegan radio and they were all very good interviews. we could always have more people like that speaking the honest truth, versus all the $upplement $alesmen that are out there. I think rozi gruben would be a good person to interview- because I know this one girl who likes what doug graham had to say, but she and other women at the event were discussing it and wish there were more women teachers. but there are, and lennie mowris was even there to testify. I wonder if you could interview virginia vetrano. i’ve never heard her speak or anything before.

    I liked happy’s comments on mosquitos. The earthly mother is nurturing and loving to all creatures no matter what bodies they are able to incarnate! Still, sometimes they bug me. I heard citrolenna essential oils work well. since people want to belive in superfoods and all that, the best course I feel is to have all sides represented. all sides should be represented, but not all sides are true. I have not yet heard of anyone speak of natural hygiene in any depth. I think also that harvey and marylin diamond should be interviewed, for sure. They are great people. Also not against them but I don’t think too many chefs should be interviewed unless they are very influential in the movement, unless they are able to speak DEEPLY on the science and nutrition of food they prepare. but everyone you’ve interviewed has a really good heart and soul, I feel, so keep it up.

  14. Ram Govindaraj on March 23rd, 2009 10:17 am

    Dr.Kavitha M.S.,F.R.C.S., psychiatric doctor from UK is now living in Detroit, daughter of Dr .Kannabiran M.B.B.S. M.D, India and grand daughter of Panduranganar who lived 50 years on raw diet and who consulted Mahathma Gandhi. Panduranganar wrote five books on Raw Living during the year 1934, I would suggets we need to invite Dr.Kavitha M.S.,F.R.C.S., for the Raw spirit festival as they had in total 100 years of raw -vegan food living and experiment and they are medical doctors to explain common people, better than any body else in the world. Please review my email with all my deep hearted humble request.

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