Episode 0059-Raw Vegan Radio-The Raw Spirit with Apollo Poetry and Raw Guru

August 23, 2008

Today we feature an exclusive interview with recording artist and VP of Raw Spirit Fest, Apollo Poetry. In addition, we feature the genius behind Raw Guru, Alex Malinsky.Premium

Apollo Poetry is an established spoken word artist and businessman. Apollo majored in psychology at St. Peter’s College, along with numerous business courses. He then created Apollo Music, LLC and at a young age, and exposed his music brand to over 10 million viewers on MTV. He went on to become a successful realtor with High Profile Realty in 2005. In 2006, Apollo helped launch MYFM Magazine & Management Company as the Director of Business Development.Alex Malinsky is an award winning chef and has authored numerous articles, interviews, and newsletters on the raw and living foods lifestyle. At age 22, he is a leading expert and has been on the 100% raw food lifestyle for over 7 years. He has founded RawGuru.Com and the new organic Sprout Superstore, Sprout Living


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