Episode 0011-Raw Vegan Radio-Raising Raw Children with Shazzie

May 13, 2006

Shazzie PicOur guest Shazzie from joins us on our latest episode.

Shazzie was born in Yorkshire, England on 23rd of January 1969. At the age of 16 she became a vegetarian and was an ethical vegan 2 years later. At the age of 30, Shazzie became a raw foodist for health reasons. For almost four years she ate an exclusively raw vegan diet. Becoming a raw foodist was an intrinsic part of her journey towards mental, spiritual and physical freedom.

Fear no longer held Shazzie back and everything in her life altered rapidly. She documented her changes in her journal, which has been running for almost seven years now. We believe this could be the longest running blog on the Internet! Because of her open, honest and personable writings, Shazzie attracts around 9,000 visitors to her web site every day.

Shazzie was so overwhelmed by the positive effects of the raw food diet, that she vowed to raise awareness of this natural way of eating to the UK and beyond. Though her background was in graphic, web and GUI design, she slowly turned her attention to healthy living via her company Rawcreation Ltd, which she founded in June 2000.

In addition, Shazzie has written three books: Detox Delights, Detox Your World, and Naked Chocolate, co-authored with USA raw food guru David Wolfe, and is currently writing two more.

In this upbeat, positive interview, Shazzie discusses the anti-aging benefits of a raw vegan diet. In addition, she includes information on raising a healthy raw vegan baby.


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