Uncovering Universal Truths with Pitir Caizer, The Wheatgrass Messiah (Episode 55)

July 13, 2008

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Pitir CaizerPitir Caizer (The Wheatgrass Messiah) is a German born musician who was disheartened by the excessive use of drugs and alcohol in the rock music world.

These influential celebrities who reach millions with the universal language of music, were too important to present the wrong example to others or destroy themselves. So Pitir decided to do something about it. He brought his juicer wherever he would play and made green juices for everyone. “After playing for hours, musicians get dizzy and tired. So instead of doing drugs and going down they’re doing live foods and going up.” He turned everyone “on” and they expereinced the long-term energy boost of live green juice. The musicians called him “the Wheatgrass Messiah.” His special perspective on using living foods to grow physically and spiritually are presented in this exclusive interivew. Pitir’s boundless energy and philosophies are captivating, exciting, and motivating.


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