Why Hollywood Is Going Raw with Happy Day’s Actress Cathy Silvers (Episode 54)

June 25, 2008

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Cathy Silvers and Laura LamunToday’s show features a powerhouse of information on the healing power of raw foods, transitioning tips to raw foods, and kitchen essentials with Hollywood star of the hit 70’s sitcom, Happy Days.

Cathy shares her journey to healing and how a raw food diet has literally turned back the clock on the aging process. In addition, we feature an exclusive interview with Laura Lamun, owner of Little Moon Essentials. Laura teaches us the essentials of raw aromatherapy and the secrets behind natural, raw organic bodycare.

Cathy Silvers can be found today offering raw food demonstrations and book signings for her new book distributed by Random House, Happy Days Healthy Living at markets such as Whole Foods Markets, or book stores like Borders or Barnes and Nobles and at most major Health and Wellness Expos and Festivals around the country, where she not only educates people looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle, but provides an entertaining insight into her life growing up as the daughter of iconic comedian Phil Silvers and playing the role of Jenny Piccolo, the sassy, sexy friend of Joanie on the long running TV series, Happy Days.

Cathy is very open about her personal life, which has had more than its share of ups and downs, telling many of the stories that have caused her to seek a healthier lifestyle. About 10 years ago, Cathy successfully healed a pre-cancerous breast condition with Chinese medicine after her doctor suggested a double mastectomy. This and other experiences with alternative medicine have led Cathy to include healing along with a healthy diet as her choice of healthier living.

Details of her transition are chronicled in her recently published book, “Happy Days Healthy Living”. The first part of the book references Cathy\’s years as a cast member on the popular TV series Happy Days. The second part focuses on Cathy\’s adult journey from \”fast-food mom\” to spokesperson for healthy living on her new Healthy Living Website and \”web vision\” Network , The Healthy Living Network with The Healthy Living Show and The Healthy Living Kids Show.

Cathy, now 46, lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their “yours, mine and ours” family of five children. The youngest two have grown up almost entirely as raw food vegans. Cathy’s interest in health and lifestyle has become a career. Her Healthy Living company includes the Healthy Living Store with the Healthy Living Blender by Blendtec, the Healthy Living line of ‘Superfoods’ and Trail Mix and the Healthy Living Raw Vegan Restaurant online delivery service and Catering throughout the US. With her own Healthy Living shows, Cathy, who is trained as a raw foods chef, has the opportunity to share her knowledge and personal experiences with others. With the aid of a variety of experts, she hopes to show other families how to live each day to the fullest. As a student of the Bauman School of Holistic Nutrition with health and raw food cuisine at the forefront, Cathy is also a lifestyle coach.

Although a practicing raw food vegan herself, Cathy’s clients include a wide range of people who are transitioning. Cathy explains, “It could be someone simply transitioning from processed to non-processed foods…or someone who wants to become a vegetarian or perhaps a full-fledged vegan removing all animal products from their diet. “The first step is the Healthy Living Juice blended with organic dark green leafy greens, fresh organic fruit and the high antioxidant rich in vitamin C fruit, gojiberries along with purified water. Next is to implement as many organic “living foods” into one’s diet. To replace coffee and sweets at the same time I recommend my GojiGoddess Smoothie with my Goji Goddess Trail Mix and water in the Healthy Living Blender. Works like a charm!”

For more information on Cathy Silvers and the Healthy Living Company/Website/Show/Store visit, or

Laura Lamun is an outrageous and colorful fairy being, living and creating in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and blissfully travelling the world with her positive message. She is a raw aromatherapist, professional singer, raw food creatrix, spiritual alchemist & herbalist, and a Thought Healer, trained in many traditions and modalities which she loves to weave. She was born a Pisces in Boulder,Colorado and has travelled to, and lived in, many of the major entertainment meccas in the country, making a living with her voice. In an unprecedented 2nd career, she has been the Owner & Formulator of Little Moon Essentials for 13 years, a 100% natural & organic body care company (co-created with Nature), which seeks to provide succulent and remarkably therapeutic natural remedies for all human ailments! She is also an avid Nature Propagandist and Writer For Peace. Laura is a very LOUD-laughing, mountain-loving, magical flower girl: a Living Food & Frequency student, who loves to learn, grow and empower, on our amazing Planet Earth.

“Laura Lamun will change the way you look at what you PUT ON your body forever. With the latest from Nature and Science, she shows you how treating your body’s every need can be simple, 100% natural and VERY pleasureable, with magical topical remedies. From making treatments of your own, to awakening your latent spiritual potential through blessing the body and connecting to Nature, Laura teaches transformation in a whole new way, bringing Nature INside of you to create peace, harmony,and connection….”


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