Episode 0006-Raw Vegan Radio-The Truth of Raw with Matthew Grace

March 27, 2006

Matthew GraceEnjoy our latest show! Featuring our honored guest Matthew Grace, acclaimed author of one of my favorite raw books “Now Way Out”.

Matthew Grace, diagnosed with “multiple sclerosis” and “spinal cord degeneration,” was unable to stand or move his legs. Gripped by severe numbness and fatigue he was crippled and given little hope for any recovery and no chance to walk again. Grace is now back on his feet. For years he has been sharing his extraordinary recovery experience with riveted audiences. Refusing ALL conventional treatments and working “from the inside out,” this man, doomed by modern medicine, found his way back to health. His story is a remarkable tale of self discovery and physical transformation.

A former standout amateur boxer and current fitness expert and author, his services and expertise have been sought out by many, including some of our top celebrities. The President and Founder of the Coalition for Health Re-Education, Grace has helped hundreds of people diagnosed with incurable disease, re-gain their health.

He has appeared on Prime Time Live with Diane Sawyer, Good Day New York, hosted a New York-based cable television program for seven years, and appeared on numerous radio programs, including this episode of Raw Vegan Radio.


Episode 0005-Raw Vegan Radio-Building Muscle on Raw Food with Charlie Abel

March 12, 2006

Charlie AbelOur latest episode features an exclusive interview with Charlie Abel of

Charlie maintains a muscular and healthy body with the help of a natural diet. He has found spiritual balance, and shares his tips with us on this exciting show.


Episode 0004-Raw Vegan Radio-The Road to a Brighter Life with Jill Samter

March 5, 2006

On this episode, we feature our special guest, Jill Samter ( discussing the keys to a healthful lifestyle.

Jill discusses her new best-selling book., “A Complete Guide to Optimal Health: The Road to a Brighter Life”. This episode features an exclusive interview with Jill, as well as highlights from her latest lecture.