Episode 0022-Raw Vegan Radio-Holistic Whole-Body Dentistry with Dr. Hal Huggins

September 10, 2006

Dentistry Unveiled! In this week’s episode, we feature a ground-breaking interview with author and former dentist, Dr. Hal Huggins.

Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS, received his dental degree from the University of Nebraska in 1962. There he met noted international lecturer Arne Lauritzen, L.D.S. Dr. Lauritzen asked Dr. Huggins to ghostwrite a book with him. The team spent the next five years researching an international textbook called Atlas of Occlusal Analysis, which was translated into five languages. The topic of the book is the original work on tempero mandibular joint (TMJ). Dr. Huggins was given the assignment of interviewing several of the noted dental and medical nutritionists of the day, and of writing the section on nutrition in dentistry.

Dr. Huggins became intrigued by blood chemistry and how it could be used to determine a patient’s nutritional needs, as well as to monitor progress of a patient’s treatment plan. He soon took blood chemistry interpretations into many aspects of dental degenerative disease, and he accidentally found that all degenerative diseases had common denominators.

While expanding his chemistry interpretations, Dr. Huggins met Olympio Pinto, C.D., of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Pinto introduced him to the concept of mercury toxicity, and Dr. Huggins immediately found correlations between dental materials and chemistry changes. His first cases had “accidental” rapid improvements that captured his attention and inspired him to delve into the depths of chemistry, endocrinology, toxicology, and immunology to develop what is now the most advanced technology for treating dental material-stimulated degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Huggins entered into a Master of Science program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1985. He graduated in 1989, and by that time had already incorporated many of the things he had learned into his private practice. In 1990, he founded the Huggins Diagnostic Center, which embodies multiple health disciplines, including medicine, dentistry, biochemistry, hematology, toxicology, pathology, nutrition, nursing, psychology, movement education, Feldenkrais (a gentle body discipline that reintroduces the muscular system to the nervous system), acupressure, massage, and sauna therapy, in one diagnostic and treatment facility, all under a team direction.

Dr. Huggins believes that mercury toxicity damages so many areas that the team approach seems to be required in order to cover the avenues found to stimulate recovery. He hopes this will serve as a pattern for a future healthcare model.

Public interest in his techniques has brought him invitations to speak in forty-six of the fifty United States and thirteen foreign countries. Radio, television, and print media have followed his research by requesting over 900 interviews in the past fifteen years.

Dr. Huggins provides education to the public about dental materials (such as mercury, dental amalgam, nickel, and root canals) and practices that may be connected to health issues. He discloses these issues in our candid, uncut interview.Dr. Huggins ( is the author of such books as “Uninformed Consent : The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care” and “It’s All in Your Head”.


3 Responses to “Episode 0022-Raw Vegan Radio-Holistic Whole-Body Dentistry with Dr. Hal Huggins”

  1. Rodriquez Collins on November 12th, 2008 1:41 pm

    Dr Huggins is a Scam artist. He had his Dental License revoked for repeat incidents of Dental Malpractice.

    I sincerely feel sorry for people naive enough to believe his false scientific BS.

    You guys are fools for believing anything this guys says , let alone promoting his book which is a scientific joke.

    Best Wishes

  2. Henley Smith on December 27th, 2008 9:28 am

    When will the British Dental Association stop poisoning the general public through the dental practice’s. I would like to know the legal pursuit to sue them for poisoning my body with Mercury Amalgam filling.

    viva all the true medical practitioner’s who are fighting the cause.

    In Solidarity Henley Smith

  3. Henley Smith on January 6th, 2009 7:10 pm

    when will they stop poisioning Us.

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