Episode 0026-Raw Vegan Radio-Spiritual Truths of Raw Food with Dr. Tim Trader

November 17, 2006

Dr. Tim Trader is a retired naturopathic physician who has a doctorate in nutrition as well as other advanced degrees. Most of his education Dr. Trader has found to be false, disproven by the very textbooks that he was taught from  and by the leading edge of today’s science. Today, Dr. Trader no longer practices medicine, but he coaches health partners to recover their own health.

Dr. Trader long ago eradicated his own severe allergies and asthma. Today at 45 years old, as a 15-year living foodist, Tim can keep up with or outperform athletes half his age.

According to Dr. Trader, no treatment of disease is necessary; all we need to do is build health. Then, the body’s own intrinsic healing powers take over repairing, rebuilding, reversing illness and trauma. There are no pills to pop, no tinctures to drink:  just science, and common sense.


Episode 26-Raw Vegan Radio-Trying Out a Co-Host with Lori Bain

November 5, 2006

Our latest episode of Raw Vegan Radio features our guest host, Lori Bain. Lori joins us throughout the program to discuss compelling news items within the natural living world, including Alissa Cohen’s appearance on the Tyra Banks show, the debate over raw agave nectar, and personal reflections on detoxification and staying raw. We feature an e-mail of the week and reflect on the future of Raw Vegan Radio.