Episode 0036-Raw Vegan Radio-Raising Children Raises Us with Shannon Leone

May 28, 2007

The Leone Family Picture
Today’s show features Shannon Leone, filmmaker of the breakthrough parenting film “Raising Children Raises Us”.

Shannon Leone is a Mom, writer, artist, director of The LITTLE FRIENDS FOUNDATION (a non-profit organization of volunteers who make by hand Waldorf dolls with all-natural materials and distribute them to hospitals and orphanages) Raw Gourmet Chef and filmmaker of RAISING CHILDREN RAISES US a documentary on Conscious Parenting through creative Un-Schooling and a High-Raw Lifestyle.

Shannon speaks at Wellness Centres, writes for magazines such as Dave Klein’s LIVING NUTRITION, as well and has appeared on Radio and TV.

The Documentary RAISING CHILDREN RAISES US can be purchased at


Episode 0035-Raw Vegan Radio-Ultimate Raw Food Weightloss Program with Angela Stokes

May 6, 2007

Angela Stokes Photo
More exclusive and exciting footage from the first annual Raw Food Film Festival in Los Angelos California. On today’s show, we feature an open interview with vibrant and lively Angela Stokes.

Angela lost around 160lbs of excess fat by going raw. She experienced recovery from morbid obesity and extraordinary transformation in every area of her life. Angela 28, is originally from the UK but now devotes her life to travelling the world, promoting natural weight loss with a raw lifestyle and helping others heal holistically.

A few years ago she weighed nearly 300lbs and was constantly ill, tired and depressed. Now she is a living example of sustainable, healthy slimming. Angela is very passionate about sharing this message of hope and helping to reverse the obesity epidemic.

Angela Stokes runs where she shares her own story and provides guidance and inspiration in the form of articles, e-books, consultations, lectures and retreats.

We highly recommend picking up a copy of Angela Stokes’ fantastic JUICE FEASTING e-book.