Episode 0041-Raw Vegan Radio-Growing Up Raw with Valya Boutenko

October 27, 2007

Valya Boutenko

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with Valya Boutenko. You’ll learn how the Boutenko family dealt with the pros and cons following a raw food diet. Additionally, Valya speaks about how her life changed growing up as a raw foodist. Insightful and enlightening interview, not to be missed.

Valya Boutenko, a raw foodist for 13 years, has recently graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. Valya is a certified raw food chef who specializes in desserts. She is the co-author of the books, Raw Family, and Eating Without Heating as well as the co-producer of the award winning movie, Interview With Sergei. She has been researching the ways to inspire children to eat healthier. She practices nonviolent communication and is a student of Byron Katie. Valya enjoys gardening, dancing, sewing, and painting.

Learn more about Valya and her “Raw Family” by visiting her website