Episode 0046-Raw Vegan Radio- Essentials of Cleansing & Detoxification with Dr. Richard De’Andrea

December 26, 2007

21 day detox
On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with the co-director of the 21-Day-Detox Program, Dr. Richard De’Andrea.

Raw Vegan Radio has launched “Steve’s Cleanse” with the help of Dr. De’Andrea and co-founder John Wood, ND. The 21-Day Detox Program has improved the lives of over 10,000 clients from age 9 to 90. You’ll learn which detox programs are beneficial and which can be detrimental to your health. In addition, you’ll find out how to know if the raw food diet is working for you.

As an integrative physician who believes in a progressive approach, Dr. DeAndrea serves as medical advisor to the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, Whole Life Times Magazine and Earth Save International. Dr. DeAndrea is a nationally recognized speaker, educator, and writer who is dedicated to helping people heal. For more information on cleansing and joining the largest group detoxification program on the planet, visit


Episode 0045-Raw Vegan Radio-Are Cell Phones Dangerous with Shelly Kulvinsky

December 22, 2007

Our holiday episode of Raw Vegan Radio features an exclusive interview with the director of the Cell Phone Radiation News Bureau, Shelly Kalnitsky.

You’ll learn about the dangers of cell phone use based on research big business does not want you to know! Which cell phones are safer than others? What can you to do protect yourself and your family? This holiday edition of Raw Vegan Radio offers special discounts to give you the tools to improve your health. One of our most important interviews of the year, not to be missed!


Episode 0044-Raw Vegan Radio- Raw Food Bible with Dr. Craig Sommers

December 12, 2007

On today’s show, an exclusive interview with the author of “The Raw Food Bible”, Dr. Craig Sommers, ND.

The cleanse will commence on January 2nd, 2008. Dr. Sommers discussed his journey towards a raw food diet, his opinion on “how raw” someone needs to be, and how he is making less of an impact on the environment as he travels across the United States.

Craig Sommers was living the standard American lifestyle, eating the standard American diet (SAD), until the early 1990′s when his mother was diagnosed with cancer Read more


Episode 0043-Raw Vegan Radio-Introduction to an Inspiration featuring Gary Null

December 5, 2007

Gary Null
In this exclusive Premium episode of Raw Vegan Radio, we introduce one of the top alternative health promoters, Gary Null. Gary has and continues to be an inspiration to Raw Vegan Radio. On this show, we wanted to share a relevant thought provoking interview from Gary’s successful radio show, Natural Living.

Time magazine called him “The New Mr. Natural.” My Generation magazine dubbed him one of the top health gurus in the United States. For over three decades, Gary Null has been one of the foremost advocates of alternative medicine and natural healing.

A multi award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Null has written over 70 books on nutrition, self-empowerment and public health issues, including his most recent, Power Aging. His syndicated public radio show, Natural Living with Gary Null, earned 21 Silver Microphone Awards and is the longest-running, continuously aired health program in America (27 years). Currently, The Gary Null Show can be heard on the Internet at from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm ET. Null also broadcasts on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on WPFW (89.3 FM) from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST in Washington D.C. In addition, he can be heard in Los Angeles on Something’s Happening with Roy of Hollywood on KPFK (90.7 FM) from 12:00 am to 5:30 am PST. Lastly, Dr. Null can be heard on Sunday evenings on the Health Radio Network at 8:00 pm EST, broadcast over a growing national network of radio stations.

The Gary Null Show is not a “chit-chat” show but, rather, an on-air health forum featuring knowledgeable guests and well-researched scientific information that is presented objectively and in layperson’s terms. The program’s combination of provocative interviews, controversial commentary, and listener call-ins motivate listeners to change their lives for the better.

Gary Null holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science. He has been a consistent voice on how to live a longer, more vital life through work that embraces the body, mind and spirit. Gary believes that much of what our society accepts as inevitable markers of aging are actually manifestations of a preventable disease process. Gary’s philosophy has influenced countless Americans to achieve a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. He is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Get Healthy Now! and The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

As the senior editor and lead investigator for the “Caveat Emptor” plus host of ABC Radio Network and WABC radio, Gary Null captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people who saw that he was unafraid to address controversial issues involving public health and alternative health practices in this country. As a reporter, Gary conducted more than 100 major investigations into issues such as AIDS, chronic fatigue, heart disease, cancer, diet and exercise, stress management, arthritis, vaccines, and allergies. Television programs such as 20/20 and 60 Minutes have used his material.

As a documentary filmmaker, Gary has achieved critical acclaim. He’s produced over 20 films and videos on health and nutrition topics, including the following award-winning productions: Age Is Only A Number; Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Disorders Naturally (for which he received a coveted Gold CINDY [Cinema In Industry] Award); Deconstructing The Myth of AIDS (winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at both the New York and Los Angeles International Independent Film and Video Festivals); Fatal Fallout (winner of both Best Director and Best Documentary awards at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival) and Drugging of Our Children (Winner of 2005 Best Documentary at World Houston International Film Festival and Key West Indy Fest).

Additionally, Gary Null’s special programs, such as Kiss Your Fat Goodbye, Get Fit Now and Seven Steps to Perfect Health, are regularly featured during Public Television fundraising drives, spurring strong viewer contributions whenever broadcast.

Gary Null was a founder and director of health and nutrition certificate programs at Pratt Institute and The School of Visual Arts. He was also the founder of the National Health Resources Council and the Nutrition Institute of America, where he has also served as a Director of Nutrition. As an athlete, Gary has trained thousands of marathon runners and walkers through his Natural Living Walking and Running Club. He is a TAC Master Champion athlete and twice MAC Track and Field Masters Athlete of the Year.

Gary Null has been featured in numerous publications, including The Daily News, Time, People, Fitness, Time Out, and Vegetarian Times. Throughout the years, he has garnered much recognition for his dedication, advocacy and in-depth coverage of vital health issues, receiving the Truth in Journalism Award for Investigative Reporting and The Human Rights Award from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. His scholarly and academic papers have been published in such journals as The Townsend Letter for Doctors, The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, and The Journal of Applied Nutrition.

Gary Null lives in New York City and Florida.Featuring an interview with DR JEAN SHINODA BOLEN - behavior, consciousness: Jungian analyst; Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco; internationally known author and lecturer on women’s mythology and health, life threatening illnesses and their role in the development of consciousness. Her books include “Close to the Bone”, “The Tao of Psychology”, “Goddesses in Every Woman”, and “Urgent Message From Mother” (due spring 2008) <>

Hear Gary Null speak at this year’s Raw Spirit Festival!


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